Hansel & Gretel: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups

Hansel & Gretel: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups


Author : Dominic Ridler

Lastest : Chapter Ten

Views : 48587


Hansel & Gretel: A Fairy Tale for Grown-ups Description

The classic story of Hansel and Gretel is here retold for adult readers. As in the original fairy tale, the beautiful young brother and sister are lost in the woods, then rescued by an old woman. In this version, each of them is sold to the highest bidder to become their sex slave. Separated from each other, the handsome boy and lovely girl are subjected to rough usage by their owners, forced to perform oral sex, whipped and deflowered. Happily, Hansel catches the eye of a powerful noblewoman, Lady Eleanor, who takes him off to her castle and initiates him into the pleasures of submission. He is bound and whipped and trained to please her, and is (literally) taken in hand by Lady Eleanor’s two pretty maid servants, Rachel and Rebecca, who tease and torment poor Hansel while enjoying his firm young body. Eventually he is groomed for Lady Eleanor’s paramour, Sir Gawain, who, eagerly assisted by Rachel and Rebecca, introduces Hansel to the pleasures of sodomy and fellatio. Meanwhile, Gretel succeeds in escaping. She is rescued but finds herself in a brothel, where the poor girl is cruelly beaten when she tries to refuse her customers. But it is not long before she is rescued again, this time by Angel, a handsome and wealthy young man, who installs her in his home and taps into deep erotic impulses of which Gretel has hitherto been unaware. Under his affectionate guidance she is introduced to the pleasures of bondage, discipline, and group sex. Gretel also discovers a taste for other girls, and is encouraged to explore both domination and submission with Angel’s female servants, while he watches. By the end Hansel and Gretel have left behind their youthful innocence and, though still apart, are both happily indulging the full range of their desires....

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Author: Dominic Ridler

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