His Sweet Doctor Wife

His Sweet Doctor Wife


Author : PriseePrince

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Late night, Thoreau Manor.   The corridor was dim, and Patsy walked cautiously behind Uncle Wills.   She was dressed in bright pastels, with pale skin and delicate features that looked out of place in the eerie villa.   "Miss Edsingar, you are studying medicine, you should know how to take care of patients ......"   "But, I am an obstetrician ......"   Patsy subconsciously retorted, touching uncle Will's scrutinising eyes, her voice weakened and she continued to follow him.   Not long after, Wills' footsteps stopped.   Patsy looked up, in front of her was a very large room, the door was wide open, inside the black hole, like a beast opening the mouth of the abyss, can instantly swallow her whole person like.   Somehow, Patsy's heart was a little uneasy.   Will's ice-cold voice rang out, "Today is the wedding night of you and the young master, I hope you can take good care of the young master."   "What wedding night?!" Patsy was shocked.   Before she could react, she was pushed into the room, and the door behind her was closed with a bang.   She was in a state of panic and rushed to pounce on the door and tap on it.   "Are you guys mistaken? I came here to take care of your young master, yes, but I didn't say I wanted to marry him, and he's engaged to Mocco-Edsingar, not me!"   But no matter how she explained, the gate didn't open, instead there was the sound of locking.   "Miss Edsingar, don't be ridiculous, your father said you agreed to this marriage with your own mouth. If it wasn't for the young master's accident, with your status as an illegitimate daughter, you wouldn't have been able to enter our Thoreau family's gate."   When Patsy heard these words, her entire body fell into an ice cellar and a cool air rose from the soles of her feet.   She had been tricked by Fernando! Her own father had set her up by design.   The Thoreau family was the number one family in Copenhagen, and Murphellan-Thoreau was the legendary mission of perfection...

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Author: PriseePrince

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