Darxies-The Awakening Of The Balancer

Darxies-The Awakening Of The Balancer


Author : Erin Moutafi

Lastest Chapter: The Playing Card

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  After spending a night of passion with a stranger, Judicial Authority special investigator for unexplained crimes, Melina Kane, is confronted with a dark society of creatures. An unsolved murder case entangles her in a deadly chase without return, while at the same time she struggles to balance her feelings between her faithful partner and the mysterious woman. Her stubbornness and research will lead her to a quirky gala that will reveal much more than she could have imagined. An underground world unfolds before her, full of almighty creatures, hybrids, witches and mystical organizations that have infiltrated the highest echelons of society and have been fighting for years for a supernatural object, forged by magic. Enemies and allies are in the strangest and most forbidden places, with the chain of pressure tightening, as the auction that will judge the fate of the world is approaching. The thread of the case has no end and brings to light a hidden secret of centuries. People and darxies lurk in every corner, and she suddenly entered their target.
  "And the Man bowed before me. He had no other choice; I did not give him any. I cast my gloomy gaze and pierced every shield he wore, until in the end he was left alone with his nakedness begging me. He has the ability to sweet talk and seduce deep into his blood. There is no cure, I'm sure of it. No matter how many times I tried to cure him, even to change him for a while, I always ended up on the same path. I then had to erase the traces of his blood on the ground, because the smell of old blood alone is forbidden for my species. Every time I fooled myself and allowed a mortal to approach me, it always ended in drama. I warn you, my brothers, to engrave this in indelible words forever in your mind: Never trust a man - do not believe them no matter what they say. It is not worth any facility in this inferior species. Do not give them courage or the slightest sense of freedom. Always treat them worthy of their position. Never give them another role other than performing their function. Pay special attention to the mistakes of the moment and to passions. Do not fall into temporary emotions and above all do not mate with them. But remember that if you indulge in carnal pleasures, always end them with the necessary decency that characterizes us. Mixing the species would mean disaster. Do not forget who rules this world. So be careful! Because I am afraid that the day will come when they will believe that they deserve more and will try with their stupid minds to overthrow us. Yes! Us, their gods "
  Excerpt from the Holy Book of Dard

Darxies-The Awakening Of The Balancer Description

"A fantasy novel imbued with flavors of romance and drama that takes place in an alternative reality and introduces a new supernatural kind of creatures. Suitable for ages over 16 years and is the first in a series of a tetralogy. A fantasy novel imbued with flavors of romance and drama that takes place in an alternative reality and introduces a new supernatural kind of creatures. This novel combines elements of a classic novel and a script. As a result it is breathtaking and the reader never gets bored. Suitable for ages over 16 years and is the first in a series of a tetralogy."...

Who is Darxies-The Awakening Of The Balancer Author?

Author: Erin Moutafi

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