Childhood sweetheart by contract

Childhood sweetheart by contract


Author : Penny

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Chapter 1. Love and Hurt

  "I really love you!"
  A beautiful woman who had green crystal eyes seemed to be confessing her feelings. The woman's name is Mia Burns. Her facial expression looked very serious when she said four words to the man standing in front of her.
  "Aren't you bored or embarrassed about expressing your feelings over and over again?" asked Trevor Lane—the man Mia really loved.
  "Why do I feel bored and embarrassed? I really love you like that. Maybe you don't realize that since we were little, I have loved you very much," said Mia without hesitation.
  "You should know about that; we've shared a lot of things since we were in kindergarten!" Mia pursed her lips.
  "Yeah, you are right!" Trevor just chuckled while looking at Mia.
  This handsome man, who has a tall body like a model, has often heard declarations of love from this woman, so he feels there is nothing special.
  "Why are you laughing at me? Would it be funny for you to know the fact that for years I harbored feelings of love for you?" Mia grumbled.
  "No," Trevor answered simply.
  "Soon we will get married. So, try to be a little nicer to me," Mia asked while looking hopefully at the man.
  "If possible, I would never marry you!" said Trevor while glaring at Mia.
  He was reluctant to marry Mia from the start. Maybe it was because his heart didn't love Mia completely; maybe it was because they had known each other since childhood; or it could be because he heard too many declarations of love from Mia's mouth that made Trevor lose the feeling in his chest for the girl.
  "We will definitely get married, no matter what!" said Mia. She met Trevor's gaze bravely.
  Two weeks ago, Trevor was making out with a woman named Gloria.
  "Um, honey, I still want it!" exclaimed Gloria, who didn't want to see Trevor get up from the bed while holding the man's index finger.
  "We can do that another time," Trevor replied, not listening to the girl's wishes.
  It looked like they had just finished making love because Gloria was not wearing clothes and her body was only covered by a blanket.
  "Are you leaving now?" asked Gloria in a spoiled tone of voice.
  "There are things I have to do immediately," Trevor answered as he fastened the buttons of his shirt one by one. "You better get dressed now before someone comes and sees you naked," he added casually.
  Not even a minute had passed before Trevor finished speaking; suddenly, there was the sound of the door being pushed open roughly. Gloria was already feeling scared, but Trevor still remained relaxed in his position while looking towards the entrance.
  "Damn girl! What are you doing behind my back? I never thought that you would dare to cheat!" A man came up to Gloria and immediately grabbed her arm roughly.
  "Let me go!" ?Gloria shouted in panic.
  "Please, I can't possibly leave in this state!" Gloria was still trying to cover her naked body with a blanket.
  Apparently, Trevor is having an affair with the wife of a mafia boss named Peter. At first, he didn't know that his lover was keeping a very big secret.
  "You bastard! Why are you dating my wife? Damn you!" ?Peter grabbed Trevor tightly by the collar of his shirt and pulled roughly.
  "I don't know if she has a husband," replied Trevor, trying to act casually as if he were completely innocent.
  "Damn! I'll teach you a lesson later!" Peter hissed as he threatened Trevor for daring to disturb him. He let go of his hand from Trevor and left, dragging Gloria.
  It seems that Mia accidentally discovered this incident. Feeling that Trevor was in trouble, she told Trevor's brother, Richard.
  A few days after the incident, Trevor met Gloria again at a cafe.
  "I was so scared. Since then, he has never stopped torturing me. Look at this; he did it without mercy," reported Gloria while showing the marks from the blows on her arm.
  "Why didn't you tell me that you have a husband? Your husband is not even an ordinary person but a mafia boss; it really surprises me." Trevor looked at Gloria's face with a look that was difficult to interpret.
  "I don't love him! I married him because I had to. Besides, we will divorce soon. So, I think it won't be a problem if we are together," Gloria explained the reason.
  "We still made a mistake," Trevor replied.
  "We weren't wrong! While I was married to him, my life was full of suffering. However, after meeting you, I feel like my life is happier and more colorful," said Gloria, not wanting to give in.
  Trevor was silent when he heard Gloria's emotional explanation. He was a little disappointed because the woman had not been honest from the start.
  "Let me stay with you, I don't want to be with him!" Gloria begged Trevor. She didn't feel comfortable being under the same roof as Peter any longer, or her body would be further destroyed by the cruel man's torture.
  "Sorry, it looks like I can't fulfill your request this time!" said Trevor firmly.
  "I have to go immediately. You just go home!" he said as he got up from the chair and left Gloria alone.
  Trevor's mind was in a mess, so he decided to just go home. However, he didn't know that he had been followed all this time.
  As soon as he arrived at the apartment, suddenly someone attacked Trevor with a knife from behind. Luckily, Trevor noticed and immediately avoided it.
  "It turns out you are quick to respond too, huh!" said Peter with a sneering smile.
  "What do you want?" Trevor looked at Peter warily.
  "Of course, I want to kill you!" Peter grinned.
  As fast as a flash, Peter drove the knife into Trevor's stomach with an unreadable movement, planting it there. Instantly, fresh blood seeped out of Trevor's stomach, making the man immediately weaken and then fall, and he became unconscious.
  "Just die, you bastard!" Peter grinned when he saw the blood from Trevor's stomach, and then he just left the man who had dared to touch his property.
  The incident was witnessed by Mia. Actually, she really wanted to stop Peter, but she was too scared, so she could only stay where she was and come over to Trevor when the man was lying helpless on the floor.
  "Trevor! Wake up! Don't stay silent!" Mia exclaimed while shaking Trevor's body.
  "Oh my God, what should I do?" Mia panicked when Trevor didn't respond to her words at all.
  Her eyes filled with tears because she was afraid that something bad would happen to the man. Moreover, Trevor's stomach was bleeding a lot due to the knife stabbed by Peter.
  "Hello! Help, please! There is someone here who is dying. He is bleeding a lot in his stomach because he was stabbed with a knife," Mia sobbed in a trembling voice. She immediately called 911 so Trevor could be helped immediately.
  Not long after, the ambulance arrived, and finally Trevor was taken to the hospital. On the way, Mia kept crying as she continued to hold Trevor's hand.
  The next day, Gloria came to the hospital when she heard that Trevor had to be treated there because of her husband's actions.
  "I'm sorry. I didn't know he would go this far!" Gloria regretted.
  "He's a mafia boss. Of course it's easy for him to kill someone," responded Trevor.
  "I've begged him not to do anything to you, but why does he want to kill you? I really can't understand it." Gloria looked uneasy. She also bit her lower lip.
  "Because you begged for me, he didn't hesitate to kill me," explained Trevor.
  Suddenly, Peter came and surprised both of them. Especially Trevor, who felt a bit traumatized because yesterday he almost died at the hands of that man.
  "It turns out you're here! Isn't it enough for you to see your lover almost die? Do you really want to see him die?" threatened Peter. ?He looked at Gloria with a murderous gaze.
  "Please don't do that! I'm begging you!" Gloria knelt on the floor while hugging Peter's legs.
  "You bitch! You went this far because of that man? You really disappoint me!" Peter growled.
  "This time, I will really kill him." He felt angry, seeing Gloria constantly belittling his words.
  Peter took out a gun and pointed it at Trevor's head. Of course, his actions surprised Trevor.
  "Am I going to die like this?" Trevor muttered while smiling bitterly.
  At that moment, Mia suddenly came. The woman was, of course, shocked because she saw such a terrible situation. Her arrival attracted everyone's attention.
  "She is my girlfriend. We will get married, soon!" said Trevor, taking advantage of the girl's arrival. Of course, he has to do whatever he can to save himself because what he is facing now is not just any man but a mafia boss.
  Mia, who heard Trevor's words, was shocked, but she responded quickly and intelligently.
  "Yes, we are lovers and will get married soon," said Mia firmly and confidently.

Childhood sweetheart by contract Description

Mia is a young girl who lived with her auntie Pepper, who was also her mother's friend, since her biological mother passed away. Mia also has a crush on Trevor,her childhood sweetheart who is the son of her mother’s best friend. Although Mia loves him, Trevor never seems to love Mia, instead, he always teases her, messes with her, and sometimes bullies her. Mia never got angry or responded to Trevor when she got bullied because she loved him too much. One day, Trevor was forced to marry Mia just to get rid of the wife of a powerful man. As Trevor never looked at Mia as his life partner, he was not really okay with the marriage. In addition, Trevor wanted a perfect woman as his wife, but Mia was never perfect in his eye. Will Trevor fall in love with Mia at the end? Will Mia be the perfect wife for him?...

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Author: Penny

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