Revenge on my Lover, Brother and Enemy

Revenge on my Lover, Brother and Enemy


Author : Penny

Lastest Chapter: Chapter 30. Melisa Acts Up Again

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Chapter 1. Moaning Behind The Dark Night

  The atmosphere that night was so tense. Lightning boomed so powerfully that the sky slowly but surely turned darker. It started to drizzle until it became a very heavy rain.
  At the same time, in a hospital, a heavily pregnant woman with sweat dripping all over her body continued to groan in pain. It looked like she was about to give birth to her baby. The woman's condition looked very weak because her water had broken. Luckily, the woman had been taken to the delivery room of a hospital.
  "Aarrgh, it hurts so much!"
  The sound of a woman screaming, who was no longer able to endure the pain she was feeling, along with the sound of lightning striking and responding to each other.
  Before the doctor had time to take action, suddenly the rooms throughout the hospital turned pitch black. There was a blackout because there was a short circuit due to the lightning strike just now.
  "Oh my God! Why are the lights going out, even though the situation is critical like this?" complained the female doctor who was handling the birth.
  "Do-doctor, help me! My baby will come out soon." Another scream of pain came from the woman's mouth.
  "Prepare emergency lighting before the lights come back on! Now this is a critical situation because labor will start soon," ordered the doctor when she heard the patient's screams again.
  The nurses in the delivery room also share duties with each other. There are those who provide temporary lighting with flashlights on their cellphones, and there are also those who assist doctors according to their respective medical expertise.
  "Madam, inhale and exhale slowly. Do it over and over again. You can't be tense; just relax. I will make sure your baby is born safely," said the doctor, starting to guide the woman who was lying on the birthing bed.
  The woman's name is Melisa. This was her first experience, and she had never felt the birthing process before. Therefore, there was a feeling of fear and anxiety in her heart.
  "The baby's head is out! Come on, Madam! Keep breathing, exhale slowly, and push!" one of the nurses exclaimed.
  "Immediately help so that labor goes faster!" the doctor exclaimed when she saw the patient's increasingly weakened condition.
  "Prepare equipment immediately to anticipate things that we don't want, considering that the patient's condition is now exhausted!" She continued, very professional.
  "Come on, Madam, you can't give up; you've fought this far; it's just a little longer! You just need to hold on a little longer until your child is born!" then the female doctor continued to encourage Melisa, who looked like she wanted to fall asleep. That shouldn't happen; as a doctor, she must do everything so that her patient doesn't fall asleep while giving birth because it is very dangerous.
  "Aaaarghhh ...."
  Melisa screamed; she pushed and fought as hard as she could to give birth to her baby. Sweat dripped down her face. She bit a piece of cloth very hard while continuing to try, and it didn't take long for the baby to be born.
  "Finally!" said the doctor and all the nurses in the room at the same time.
  The sound of a baby boy crying loudly was heard after Melisa successfully gave birth. Not long after, the lights came back on.
  "Congratulations, your baby is a boy!" said one of the nurses to Melisa while trying to show the baby's face, but Melisa's eyes looked glazed and seemed unable to open wide.
  "She looks tired. Let her rest. Just clean the baby first!" ordered the doctor.
  "Okay, Doc!" ?The nurse replied understandingly.
  At the same time, a handsome man in a black suit walked down the hospital hallway in a hurry. The destination was the delivery room where Melisa gave birth earlier.
  "I hope I'm not late," muttered the man named Lucas. Previously, he had been informed that Melisa would give birth now.
  As soon as he arrived in front of the delivery room, Lucas saw that the doctor who treated Melisa had just come out. He rushed over to her.
  "Is the baby born yet?" Lucas asked.
  "Who are you?" The doctor's forehead furrowed faintly in confusion.
  "I'm the baby's father," Lucas explained.
  "Ah, it turns out you are Mrs. Melisa's husband. The baby was born safely, sir. You must be happy because Mrs. Melisa gave birth to a boy," said the doctor.
  "Then I'll go in first. I want to see my son immediately," Lucas replied.
  "Go ahead, sir. It looks like your son has also been cleaned by the nurse," said the doctor.
  Lucas smiled at the doctor and thanked her. However, after the doctor walked away, his facial expression turned cold and he did not look friendly at all.
  "I have to get the baby out of here as soon as possible," Lucas hissed as he turned the door handle.
  "Welcome; you must be Mrs. Melisa's husband, right? Congratulations, sir. Your wife and child are both in good condition!" said the nurse while giving Lucas a report on the condition of the mother and child.
  "Where is my son now?" Lucas asked.
  "Ah, your son is over here. Come with me. He's very handsome; he looks like he's down on you. But your wife's face is also beautiful, so your child's face is extraordinary," said the nurse very enthusiastically.
  "Ah ... is that so?" Lucas responded flatly.
  "That's right, sir," replied the nurse.
  Lucas walked into the room next to where Melisa gave birth. There, he saw his flesh and blood looking calm because he felt comfortable in the thick blanket.
  "Earlier, your son was crying very loudly, but now he is calmer. He is very healthy and strong," said the nurse.
  "Thank goodness. That's great." ?Lucas replied while continuing to pay attention to his son.
  "I've cleaned him up. Do you want to hold him?" asked the nurse.
  "No need. I'm afraid of disturbing his sleep," Lucas refused.
  The nurse just nodded her head. In fact, she was confused because Lucas' facial expression was very cold and he didn't smile at all.
  "I'll take him out," Lucas said suddenly. His eyes couldn't leave looking at the tiny baby boy who had just been born.
  "Ah, you want to show your wife his face. Earlier, Mrs. Melisa didn't have time to see her baby's face because she was too tired after giving birth," explained the nurse.
  "So, she hasn't seen it? Good," grinned Lucas with a faint smile.
  Once again, the nurse looked confused when she heard Lucas' words, but she didn't dare ask.
  "I will help encourage you to take him to his mother," offered the nurse.
  "No need! You don't need to bother her because she will never see this baby. This baby is just my son," Lucas stressed.
  "What do you mean?" The nurse looked confused.
  "You don't need to know. I've finished the paperwork and just need to take this baby away from here," Lucas answered with a sharp gaze.
  Lucas took over the stroller containing his son and headed out of the room. From the start, he had intended to take the baby away from Melisa.
  At the same time, Melisa just felt her body recover. She tried to sit up on the bed, but at that moment she saw Lucas pushing the baby carriage out of the room.
  "My child ...." muttered Melisa. She hurriedly got out of bed and tried to chase Lucas.
  "STOP!!!" ?Melisa exclaimed in a loud voice.
  The sound of Melisa's scream made Lucas' footsteps stop. The man then looked back and saw Melisa standing, looking at him.
  "Where are you going?" Melisa asked as she limped over to Lucas.
  "Of course I will take him with me," Lucas answered lightly.
  "I'm the mother of the baby! You can't just take my baby away!" Melisa snapped.
  "Mother? You must have forgotten what you said and did, Melisa." Lucas stared coldly when he heard Melisa's rhetorical statement. He never expected to hear those words come out of Melisa's lips.
  Melisa's eyes suddenly filled with tears when she heard Lucas' response. It was as if she had been forced to remain silent for a moment because of the man's words.
  "Don't ever feel like you're a mother because you don't deserve it!" said Lucas.
  "That title is too precious for a woman like you!" he added again. His words sounded very cruel for a mother who had just given birth to his son.
  "I gave birth to him at the cost of my life! How can you say I'm not worthy?" Melisa shouted emotionally.
  Without the slightest care or pity for Melisa, Lucas took the baby in the stroller away and just walked out of the room. He didn't even look back to see Melisa's condition. Luca continued walking with firm steps.
  "DON'T TAKE MY CHILD!" Melisa screamed as she ran after Lucas. However, because her condition had not yet recovered, she fell helplessly to the floor.
  "Madam, are you okay?" asked the nurse who saw the incident. She rushed to help Melisa get up from the floor.
  "I have to go after him! I have to get my son back!" Melisa shouted with tears streaming down her cheeks.
  "Don't force yourself, madam! You are still very weak after giving birth!"
  Melisa felt pain all over her body; it seemed like she couldn't stand anymore. Now she could only resign herself to seeing the child she had just given birth being taken away from her. Her tears flowed more and more like the rain outside. It seemed like the weather tonight suited her very sad fate.
  "Why are you doing this, Lucas?" Melisa wailed while sobbing.
  "You should at least allow me to see his face." Tears flowed freely from the corners of her eyes.
  "He's my son; why are you so cruel, Lucas?" Melisa hit her chest repeatedly. As a mother, Melisa certainly does not want to be forced away from her own flesh and blood.
  Melisa realized why her and Lucas' relationship had become like this. She also remembered how they got to this point.

Revenge on my Lover, Brother and Enemy Description

"Congratulations, your baby is a boy!" The words brought joy to Melisa's heart. She felt as though she had arrived in paradise, holding her newborn son in her arms. However, happiness was a fleeting sensation, slipping through her fingers like sand. "I'm the mother of the baby! You can't just take my baby away!" Melisa's voice quivered with a mixture of anger and despair as she confronted Lucas, her once-beloved partner who had become her adversary. "You will never see this baby. This baby is just my son! Don't ever feel like you're a mother because you don't deserve it!" Lucas' words were like a dagger to her heart, cutting deep into her soul. Tears streamed down Melisa's cheeks, her voice choked with sorrow. "You should at least allow me to see his face." "He's my son; why are you so cruel, Lucas?" Melisa's sobs filled the room as she struck her chest in anguish. Melisa couldn't fathom how she and Lucas had reached this point in their relationship. She still remembered the happiness they had shared when they first met, a time when love had bound them together rather than torn them apart....

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Author: Penny

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