Mr. president never lies

Mr. president never lies


Author : Anna

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Chapter 1 The President

  “I don’t want to do business with you anymore,” Oliver said bluntly.
  “Excuse me?” the client asked.
  “I know you hear me right,” he said.
  Molly, the client huffed loudly, “and why is that?” she asked.
  “Because you’re lying,” he said.
  “That’s all you can say?” she asked.
  “It’s all that matters,” he answered.
  “That’s absurb! I don’t know why you are telling me that I am lying! I don’t even know which part of what I said was a lie to you!” Molly argued, beginning to lose her patience, “and now you’re telling me that you won’t sign the contract with me just because you’re thinking that I was lying?” Molly said.
  Oliver sighed, looking at her. He’s already bored from the conversation, “look, I don’t think that you’re lying because I knew you were lying, it’s different. Did you listen? I said I don’t want to do business with you anymore because I don’t want a lair in my company,” he said.
  Molly stood up, “you’re so pathetic!” she said.
  “Just leave already,” Oliver said.
  Molly’s mood changed, she was really mad and because of it, she splashed the water towards Oliver. The CEO of Honest group, he’s known to be the most honest person and couldn’t even contain to say a lie.
  She was offended by how blunt he was. Indeed she was lying about some things from their conversation but it’s normal to lie right? Molly shook her head, the guy’s really weird. She looked over her shoulders to give the room a last glance before she took the elevator. Molly needed this partnership because her company’s dying soon yet Oliver did this to her.
  Oliver was still at the room, trying to dry his tux. He sighed before he stood up. What happened that day wasn’t new to him. He gets this a lot, sometimes more than this. He gets insulted or be little but even so, Oliver’s company’s thriving hard, in fact it’s at the top chart and listed as number one at some business magazines. He was a good CEO, he handles his business very well, that’s why people tend to trust him more than anyone else. A lot of investors wanted to invest in his company because of the high profits and promising statistics of it.
  The only problem is that, if Oliver will be the one to meet the client, they have to tell him the truth because if not, he will reject it, no matter how big the investment is.
  Oliver decided to leave, he still has a meeting and needs to be there immediately. As he waited the elevator, he noticed a couple. The guy was calling someone and when they got in the elevator, he could him speaking in French.
  “On se reverra bient?t mon amour, je resterai cette fois c'est s?r” he said smiling.
  Oliver looked at them, they were holding hands, intertwined with each other and yet the guy had guts to lie in front of her. She wasn’t aware that the guy she was holding was cheating on her. He shook his head, he doesn’t want to meddle on their business but Oliver couldn’t stand a lie.
  “Je t'aime et j'ai hate d'être avec toi pour toujours,” he said again.
  Oliver faced the woman, “We will see each other again soon my love, I will stay this time for sure,” he said.
  “What?” she asked.
  “That’s what he said first, ‘I love you and I can't wait to be with you forever’ and that’s what he said on the second one,” he added.
  The woman looked at her boyfriend before slapping him hard on the face, the man ended the call.
  “What is wrong with you?” he asked, with a French accent.
  “It’s you!” she shouted at him, “you lying freak!” she added.
  “Whatever you are talking about?” he asked, pretending to be puzzled and confused.
  “Stop it! I already know! You’re in a call with your lover! You said you ended it?!” she shouted, on a verge of crying.
  The guy’s face softened, Oliver was at their back so he could really see their facial expression and argument.
  “Mi amour, I did!” he said.
  Oliver grunted at the back, making the guy looked at him, “liar! I am breaking up with you!” the woman shouted.
  The elevator sounded and stopped, after the door opened, the woman stormed out. While the guy was following her.
  Oliver shook his head before he headed to the parking lot. He needs to go back to his company and changed into something comfortable before heading to his next client. Oliver is a type of person that is more effective if he moves alone. No secretary, no driver. He wanted it that way and it became his thing for years now.
  When he got to the office, he went straight to his office and changed his tux. Helen, his executive assistant was already waiting for him.
  “Molly called,” she said while Oliver was looking at his computer.
  “Oh, really?”
  “Yes, she wanted to sue you,” she said.
  “For what?” Oliver asked, uninterested.
  “For insulting her,” she answered.
  Oliver stood up and leave her there. Helen couldn’t do anything but to sigh. She’s been with him for a couple of years now and Oliver’s been like this. Even though she wanted to leave him, she just couldn’t. Oliver did a lot for her and her family and if she leaves him, she felt it to be unfair for him.
  After he left, Helen called Molly, “Helen?” Molly asked.
  “Yes, Molly, look, I am really sorry for what Oliver did, there’s no excuse from what he did but could you please don’t sue him?” she asked.
  “I’m sorry Helen but what he did is beyond the belt. I can’t just let this go because he insulted me, I did lie a couple of times when we met but I really think that it’s not necessary to decline the partnership just because of it,” she explained.
  Helen massaged the side of her head, “I am really sorry Molly, I know how you feel but that’s just how my boss do things, it’s his way of doing business,” she tried to explain, “please, this will be huge scandal and your name might be tainted as well,” she added.
  “And why is that?” Molly asked.
  “Because everyone knows that’s how Oliver do business and if you try to sue him, it’ll be publicized and you might get bashed by the people for doing it. I am just worried about you as well. We all know how influential he is,” Helen said, “he’s at this industry for a couple of years now, and he’s known to be the most honest president that’s why suing him might get you the backlash you won’t expect,” Helen added.
  Molly paused, she was silent, Helen could hear her sigh, she might be thinking that Helen was right after all, how could she do that to an influential person right?
  “Molly?” Helen called out.
  “Alright, I let this go, but next time, I will make sure that he’d pay for everything,” she said.
  “Of course, thank you Molly and I will make sure to let him know about what you said so that he’d try to change his ways,” Helen said.
  “Very well the, thank you Helen,”
  “Thank you Molly and I am really sorry for what happened,” Helen said.
  After they bid goodbye, Helen ended the call and shook her head, for all of these years, she was the one who’s been doing it for him, mending what he had done. Making her a good liar. Helen leaned to her chair, ‘how pathetic,’ she said. Oliver doesn’t want to lie yet she was the one lying for him, to keep his name clean. Helen smiled before she turned on her computer again.

Mr. president never lies Description

Rookie architect Elaine Murphy has a chance encounter with domineering CEO Oliver Trueman, who exposes her boyfriend's lies causing their breakup. The two cross paths again at a job interview. Knowing she didn't do well, Elaine is fretting about quitting when she unexpectedly learns she was hired by Oliver and becomes the "liar" assistant to the CEO who "can't tell lies". Going from rubbing each other the wrong way to mutual support, they gradually develop feelings. Elaine builds a bridge of love with well-meaning lies, leading to a series of unexpected romantic stories with Oliver....

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Author: Anna

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