Mommy, love our Dad again

Mommy, love our Dad again


Author : whitelongelywhale

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Chapter 1 Decision to kea

  "What do you mean I shouldn't be there?" The young lady asked as her eyelids batted against each other. "It's a celebration —"
  "For my family," the stern voice barked as he gazed at her. It was Ethan Martins, the heir of a billion-dollar empire that owned thousands of companies, "it's my family and you're not welcome."
  His forefinger was pointed at her as his jaw clenched and at once he grabbed his jacket, "Do not come."
  "But —" Mia rushed after him but stood on the spot when he slammed the door. What? She was just about to tell him she had to be there. His dad told her to be there.
  Crouching to the sofa next to her, Mia sighed in between the hurt in her chest. They were married but he still didn't consider her as his wife.
  Yeah, they were married when he didn't want it but their marriage was still valid. His dad, Neil Martins got them married following an event that happened but Ethan still wouldn't accept her.
  She sighed as she tapped on her thighs. She had longed for the event. She wanted to be there and everyone in his family wanted her there. For the first time, she'd go against him.
  Slipping into her heels, Mia raised her head to stare at herself in the mirror. She was already dressed with makeup applied to her face. Her lips curled up and she grabbed her handbag.
  At once, she made her way out of the house to the car Ethan's father, Neil had preserved for her. He was aware of the despise his son showed her because the marriage was all because of him.
  Mia's father saved his life and in return to support his daughter, he got her married to his son, Ethan.
  "The public resort," Mia smiled at the driver. It was the venue for the event. The tires of the car screeched and they were on the way with her heart tumbling. She hoped it wouldn't go bad for her.
  Of course, it wasn't supposed to. His family will be there.
  In no time, they got down and reached the building. Mia's eyes widened a fraction at how the gigantic edifice towered above her and glimmering light. She held onto her handbag with a smile before she paused — and took her hands to her tummy.
  When it flashed in her head, her smile widened. Maybe after the party, she'd break the news to him.
  Her shoes clicking against the tiled floor, Mia made her way inside and soon chatters and bickers filled her ears. Her steps were straight and her eyes rested on the huge door which separated the room that the people were in.
  "Mrs Martins," the guard at the entrance called and pushed the door open for her. "Thank you," Mia smiles at the gesture. Most times, she found it unbelievable she could be treated with such respect.
  If only she got that from her husband.
  The clinking of glasses against each other, people's chatter, and the soft sound of the music, all found their way into Mia's ears as her eyes darted around. They rested on a familiar figure and butterflies danced in her tummy.
  Ethan. He was shaking hands with some businessmen. It was inexplicable the affection she felt for him even with the way he treated her. She snapped her eyes away from him as soon as possible and as she turned around, her chest met with a figure.
  "Oh my… Mia?"
  "Arthur?" Mia called as she gazed at him. It was Ethan's brother, he was at the party too. "I see you're here," he flashed her a smile.
  "Enjoy the—"
  "Mia!" The thunderous yell broke into their conversation and Mia gasped as a thrill ran down her spine, "What did you do? I told you not to come here!" He bellowed and she swallowed the clog in her throat.
  Her eyes widened and her lips trembled as he marched towards her, "Ethan I only came because father wanted me to come."
  "I told you not to come!" Ethan yelled as he reached her. He grabbed her hand and a whimper cut through her throat, "You came and you're trying to flirt with my brother? To make him feel pity for you, lowlife?"
  "Ethan?" Mia's lips trembled as his hold on her hand tightened. He was embarrassing her, that was enough. "I didn't try to do such!"
  "Don't talk back to me!" Ethan roared as his eyes flashed anger, "You want him to love you so you can mask the identity of a gold digger that you are?"
  "I'm not a gold digger, Ethan. Don't you call me that!" Mia yelled and that was all it took. The sound pierced through the chatters and the pain that met Mia's cheeks made her gasp.
  She staggered as pain shot through her system and gasps filled her ears as she crouched to the floor. He slapped her. He just did!
  "Ethan!" Arthur reached for Ethan wide-eyed, "What the fuck did you just do?"
  "She has no right," Ethan's eyes moved down to Mia who stared in pain, "She has no right to talk back at me!" His eyes darted around meeting those of the curious people who whispered in between themselves before he took his eyes off and wriggled out of Arthur's grip, walking away.
  A lone tear slid down Mia's face. Her palm met her cheeks and she gasped as her eyes watered. He slapped her, he just did.
  Her chest heaved and she gasped as Arthur rushed to help her to her feet, "I'm fine…" her lips quivered and she clutched to her tummy. He just embarrassed her because she stood up for herself.
  Did he dislike her that much?
  "Mia, you—" Mia gasped and she sniffed. Glancing around to see the eyes perched on her, she withdrew from Arthur's grip and at once picked to her heels.
  Her feet carried her as fast as they could out of the hall with her hair swaying sideways as she ran. Tears blocked her vision but she kept running, still clutching to her tummy.
  "Taxi," she sobbed as she got out. When one stopped, Mia rushed into it at once. She mumbled the mansion to the driver and her tears fell effortlessly.
  How could he have hit her? She had tried so much on their marriage. Very much. Days and days, she kept building with the hope something great could come out of it.
  The pain and aching gripped her chest as her tears fell before the taxi pulled to a stop in the mansion. Getting in, she switched on the lights since it was evening and rushed to her room.
  Was it wrong to go there when he told her not to? She only loved him and wanted to be with him. Her tears fell as she reached the room. Pushing the door open, she rushed in and crouched to the floor.
  Grabbing the table, her tears fell effortlessly. All memories flashed in her eyes and she sobbed, *Why doesn't he love me?".
  "Why would he keep doing that?" She bit her lips to suppress her cry and made to stand up when her hand brushed the file on the table. She blinked rapidly as she stared down at it.
  At the cover, a gasp escaped her lips. The files were packed in a blue cover. Mia flung the page open and at the content, a force plummeted against her chest.
  Her eyes widened and she stood glued to the spot. Divorce! Divorce papers! He got divorce papers ready! Tears cascaded her cheeks and she staggered with lips apart.
  He didn't love her! Yes, she knew but he had plans of divorce? It was time to leave!
  The roaring sound of a car echoed in her ear and she gasped as she rushed to the bathroom. Grabbing the door, she locked it firmly when heavy footsteps echoed
  "Mia? Mia? Who told you to come there? I warned you! Mia! Give me a fucking reply!"
  Only her sobs echoed and in no time, she heard retrieving footsteps and she jerked to the floor. Placing a hand on her tummy, Mia let out a yell.
  She was pregnant! She thought the mood of the party would be great to disclose it to him! She was pregnant with his baby!
  Minutes went by as she remained on the floor before she gasped. What if he never accepts her? What if he hits her again? Her eyes widened and she rested on the wall.
  Hours rolled by and soon, she could see the moon that had taken over the vision of the city before she stood to her feet. She had to leave! And escape the mansion!
  Mia licked her lips and stood and to her surprise, Ethan was there, all on the bed and… asleep.
  She took her eyes to the table and sniffed. Grabbing a pen, she trudged to it and with shaky hands, she signed the papers. Divorce he wanted? Divorce he gets.
  She rushed to her closet grabbing the files of her pregnancy test. She used the pregnancy kit before she went to the hospital where it was confirmed. Sighing, she grabbed it and rushed to the bathroom tearing it into pieces and at once, flushed it down.
  She sniffed and wiped her face as she gasped. He had always shown her he wanted her out of his life — and she'd do exactly just that.
  Getting back into the room, Mia took a glance at him. He was asleep. He could sleep after hurting her? That was great. She smiled through her hurt and grabbed her handbag and a stack of cash.
  A new life ahead of her. She was starting a new life.

Mommy, love our Dad again Description

A captivating story of love, betrayal, and redemption. Seven years ago, London's most sought-after bachelor, Ethan Martin, took his childhood friend, Mia Brown, as his bride. Unfortunately, he failed to love and appreciate her as she deserved. After Ethan's fateful slap, Mia's heart shattered into pieces. 'Why doesn't he love me?' Mia's world was turned upside down. So when she discovered her pregnancy and stumbled upon divorce papers on the desk, it prompted a hasty escape. As Mia mysteriously vanished, Ethan was left to confront the enormity of his mistake and the true state of his heart. For the past four years, he has been relentless in his search for her, unaware that Mia had twins. Now, he must embark on the arduous journey of winning back Mia's love, a challenge far more formidable than he could have ever imagined....

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Author: whitelongelywhale

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