Savage Love on Fire

Savage Love on Fire


Author : whitelongelywhale

Lastest Chapter: Chapter30 Telling her to drop the Lawsuit

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Chapter1 Love wasn't real

  "Oh, just get done with this," the lady whispered in between moans as the man gripped her to the elevator. Their lips intertwined in a ravishing, dominating seductive kiss and she grunted.
  "Damn… just get the elevator…" she gasped as her arms went around the man's head. She gripped onto his hair as their tongues collided and fought for dominance, "this fucking elevator should just open," she grunted amidst kisses and the elevator finally beeped.
  The man gripped onto her ass as their tongues remained locked and they headed out of the elevator barely seeing the way. He gripped her head as they staggered before her body finally met with the bed and they both fell on it with a thud.
  "You're so great," the man whispered amidst kisses as he skillfully caressed her neck. The lady broke the kiss to catch her breath and the man's lips found its way to her neck.
  "Goodness," the lady moaned out and grabbed the man's head. Their lips collided and danced in rhythm while the man's hand carelessly tugged at her thighs and chest.
  "You're so—" the lady stopped her grunts when the man's hand didn't linger on her. "You're so good, fuck," she moaned and threw her head backwards and at that moment, the feel of a cold metal lingered on the lady's forehead and her brows raised.
  She ignored and grabbed the man's face, still relishing the kiss. In an instant, she jerked off from his lips and gripped his hand so suddenly the metallic gun flew out of the man's hand.
  Raising her right leg to hook him in the bed, the lady flipped and the next second, she was hovering above the wide-eyed man— with the gun in her hands.
  "Really?" She scoffed and cocked her head, "Really?" The man struggled with her and getting both legs, she skillfully pinned him to the bed, her eyes giving off the biggest atom of mockery.
  "Really?" She sneered before she licked her lips, "Trying to kill me?"
  "Argh, let go!" The man gritted and struggled to hold onto the pillow to escape the lady's torturous grip. The lady slapped off the pillow before she grabbed onto his hair, "Trying to kill me? Michael?"
  Her voice was at its highest pitch and the man's lips flew open, dancing as it trembled, "I…" he shook his head and at once, the lady set her right foot into his chest and pointed the gun at his head.
  Seeing the black metallic gun pointed at him and his life on the line, the man shivered and swallowed hard.
  "I want an explanation!" The lady gritted, "An explanation Michael," she dug her knee into his chest farther until she could feel his bone, "An explanation for making out with me with the intention of killing me!"
  "I had to do it," the man cried out and his voice shook, "My life is on the line," he shut his eyes and sniffed and the lady snickered.
  "And who said you'll get out alive even if you killed me? Who fucking gave you that hope that you'll get out alive!" She demanded.
  "You know it's important," the man's eyes rolled in his socket and he swallowed hard. The fear radiated and showed in his eyes as his orbs travelled down the lady.
  She was dressed in her best pair of dress— a short red gown, "I'd be killed if I didn't," he lamented in between his cries, "Please free me, just know I had to do it."
  "Fuck that!" The lady screamed and sniffed. Her tongue rolled over her lips and she sniffled, "This is what I get, Michael? For loving you?" She let out a yell that reverberated in the room and shoved farther into his chest.
  "This is what you show me?"
  "I'm sorry…" the man whispered, "I'm sorry," he cried out and exhaled, "I'd be killed if I didn't."
  "Really? Sacrificing your love for the fear of death? If you knew you were going to resort to this, why did you love me? Why did you pretend you love me!"
  "I didn't!" The man cried, "And you know that. I didn't pretend to love you."
  "Really?" The lady's eyes watered and she sneered in between her hurt, "So, killing me shows you love me huh? Trying to kill me shows that?"
  "I'm sorry."
  "Fuck it! Fuck that!" The lady screamed, "That's not what I get for this betrayal —" The lady's tongue rolled in between her teeth and she bit on them to be in physical pain, "You gave me a reason to love Michael."
  "I thought you could kill for me," she shook her head and a lone tear ran down her face, "That you'd fight the world for me, Michael but it was all a lie!"
  "A lie I believed!"
  "It wasn't. And even though I lied to you during our stay, I truly loved you."
  "Crap! Just shut it!" The lady yelled and exerted more pressure on her knee till she saw the man's face twitch, "You gave me a chance to love."
  "You came and changed my perspective and in the end, it's all betrayal?"
  She sniffed and nodded, "I was right all my life," the lady nodded and looked down at herself. She was right with her perspective. She had been right all her life."
  Love wasn't something factual. It was just an exchange. It was mutual understanding and it was traded by barter.
  "The only love you can get is the one you give yourself," the lady whispered and clicked her tongue, "Thank you Michael for burying that within me. Thank you for reminding me," she chuckled and turned to him.
  "Thank you for this betrayal. I hope you don't get to go to heaven," she released a sinister chuckle and the man's eyes widened.
  At once, the lady reached for the pillow that was thrown earlier and the man struggled. But with her knee, she puts him in place.
  When her hand grabbed hold of the pillow, she gave a malicious chuckle and hovered it above his head.
  "Tell Satan, hi" she whispered and shovelled her leg further as he struggled. Getting hold of the gun and the man feeling it in his chest, his protest died down and the lady smiled.
  "Bye," she whispered as she pulled the trigger and the man's whole weight fell to the bed. "Fucking greet Satan!"

Savage Love on Fire Description

Julie could, at times, embody a ruthless assassin, a self-indulgent temptress, a pure virgin, or a lascivious harlot. She possessed the uncanny ability to immerse herself in each role as if it were her own reality. In the world of acting, she could shed tears for love, going to extremes for a man, leaving everyone spellbound. She was always an perfect actress. "Yes, love was merely a transaction for personal gain." That's what she always believed. A sardonic grin played on her lips as the scene she was performing unfolded. It was accurate. Even though it was all a façade, it held a kernel of truth. Love was nothing but an illusion. So when she encountered that special man in real life, would she defy her own beliefs and surrender?...

Who is Savage Love on Fire Author?

Author: whitelongelywhale

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