President's savage love

President's savage love


Author : Penny

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  She's late. That's the first thought that hit Greta, as soon as she woke up this morning. That sends her into panic and leads to a chaotic morning where she practically rushes to do everything.
  Greta rushed to shower, brush her teeth, did her makeup, and even wear clothes...all the while cursing under her breath. She has never been late to anything. Yes, Greta was that annoying friend who you'd tell to be there by 7 a.m. and she'd be there by 6:55, just to make sure she's extra early.
  So going late, especially to school just rubbed her wrong and made her out of sorts. That was why halfway out the lawn, she remembered that she'd forgotten her phone.
  "Damn, damn!" Greta mutters and runs back inside in haste, tripping on the last step and nearly face-planting on the floor.
  She pressed her back to the front door and gulped in some precious air, trying to calm down.
  "It's only one day." Greta mumbled, searching for her phone as she walked into the house. "The world's not going to end."
  She found it in the kitchen, grabbed it, and unhooked her bicycle from where it was locked by the mail post. It's her fourth year in NYU and while she was happy to go to school, she's secretly excited that it is almost over.
  Years of constant reading, tests, and exams will do that to someone.
  Greta had to get going ... .Her first lecture for the day starts at 9, and Professor Jared doesn't take kindly to someone interrupting his riveting History class. Don't get it wrong, she loved history, she just felt it could be taught with more spice, rather than mind-numbing boring speeches.
  She stopped by McDonald's to grab breakfast and a cup of coffee, distractedly munching on her snack while she went through the assignments that were due to be submitted tonight.
  Halfway through, Greta was confused and frustrated, so she placed her phone face down on the table and continued eating, determined to make something good out of this day.
  Her phone started to buzz on the table, and she resisted the urge to scream out loud. But immediately she raised her phone, the frustration quelled, and instantly happiness took its place.
  "How's one of my favorite girls in the whole world doing?" Leo Malkov, a literature student at NYU who also happens to be Greta's boyfriend, croons over the phone.
  A wide smile crossed her face even though she pretended to pout. "I thought I was your only favorite girl."
  Leo backtracks instantly, making her burst into laughter. "Of course you are!"
  "What about the rest? She asked in a deliberate attempt to tease him.
  "They don't matter." Leo replies quickly.
  "So your mom doesn't matter?" Greta says in mock horror and he starts to stumble with his words. She dissolves into peals of laughter at how easily he fell into her trap.
  He's so cute.
  "Good to see that you're having fun at my expense." Leo says dryly when her laughter dies down into giggles.
  "It's not my fault you're so easy to rile." Greta sighed sweetly, and she was sure that she had a dreamy smile on her face.
  Nancy, one of her friends from school says their love makes her sick with how crazy they were about each other.
  "Where are you?"
  The campus was a good fifteen minutes away in light traffic and about thirty minutes in heavy traffic. It's currently 8:28 so she had approximately thirty minutes to get to school.
  "McDonald's." She grumbled and she could feel his surprise through the phone.
  "Wait, you're late?" Leo crows out loud in a shocked manner. "Greta Larson is late to school? Oh my God, were you taken over by an alien?" He starts to laugh.
  Rolling her eyes she shook her head even though Leo couldn't see her. "Alright, alright. It's only gonna happen once so don't get all excited. I was up watching an exciting documentary and I kinda got sucked much so I didn't sleep till about past 4."
  "No wonder." His tone goes soft. "I know how much you love your documentaries."
  "And you too." She reminded him. "I love you."
  "I love you too baby." He blows her a kiss through the phone, but that just reminds her she can't have the actual one.
  "I miss you." She sighs. "When are you coming back?" "Soon, I promise." He tries to reassure her. Greta scoffs. "Yeah, right. You said that last week."
  She immediately grimaced as soon as that statement came out of her mouth. She didn't want Leo to think that she was judging him like the others. Leo comes from a very poor family, unlike hers. His dad left them while he was a kid and his mom, even though she tries to work hard to provide for them, she relapses into one of her bad habits from time to time…
  It happened recently and Leo had to go back home to help her recover, that's until she gets back on her feet and it's okay for him to leave.
  The school board grants him these visits on account that he makes up for time spent away. It's been two weeks and guess you could say she missed her man.
  "Greta…" his voice was strained and it was then she could hear the underlying tone of tiredness in his voice. She instantly felt bad. "But you said-" Greta didn't get to hear the end of that sentence, as something crashed loudly where Leo was and he was distracted.
  "Leo?" She gripped the phone hard between her fingers. "Leo, are you okay? Can you hear me?"
  The line was distorted for a second before his phone came back again but she could tell Leo was no longer with her. At least not mentally. "I gotta go, babe, talk later."
  "Leo, wait-"
  The line goes dead and in her ear and she stares at it in shock..She sighed and massaged her temples. Had to go open her big mouth, huh?
  She tried his number again but all she got was voicemail. 8:36 a.m. She had to stop her wallowing and pity if she wanted to get to campus on time. Greta continued eating the food but it tasted like ash in her mouth so she ended up tossing it in the trash.
  She paid for the food, left a good tip, secured her phone and bag at her front, and started the journey to school. Unfortunately, the streets were jammed and she was slowly losing hope of ever making it in time. Luckily, she knew a shortcut that would shave off a lot of time.
  Greta kept checking the wristwatch strapped to her wrist, and each minute that inched closer to 9 made her chest feel tighter and her breaths shorter. She was currently at a standstill point, and she cursed once again wondering how she had gotten to this point.
  This was why she liked going early, at least she wouldn't feel horrible and stuck in traffic. Sweat pooled under Greta's armpits and plastered her shirt to her back, even the makeup she'd hurriedly applied earlier was starting to feel like caked grime on her face.
  She was about to take the U-turn before the cars were stuck, but then in unison, the cars started to move and everybody was going at the same time.
  Unfortunately at that same moment, her phone started to ring which she wanted to dismiss but the thought that it was Leo calling, made her hesitate...which on the streets of New York was not a good thing.
  The moment she stopped was the same time a car was coming forward with speed, not seeing her in time and the car was unable to swerve to the side to avoid her and she couldn't move either to avoid the car, and the inevitable collision happened.
  Both she and her bike went flying off the road, crashing into a nearby car. Luckily, her helmet took the brunt of the impact but she couldn't say the same for the car door. She heard an awful screech sound as her bicycle slammed into the car's side.
  "Oh, my God are you okay?" A voice had her looking up, and she stood up on shaky legs so the helmet could be removed.
  It was a short Asian woman who looked terrified and she rushed to assure the woman, her eyes trailing over to the shiny, black BMW that she'd just dented.
  "Yeah, I'm fine." She had to convince the woman several times that she didn't have a concussion or needed to go to the hospital for a checkup. Once the lady was gone and the crowd that had gathered had thinned, she walked over to the BMW and knelt to inspect the damage. She sighed inwardly and tucked her hair to the side. This was going to cost a whole lot, but she couldn't leave without doing something. However, she didn't see the owner anywhere in sight.
  Thinking on her feet, she tore a piece of paper from her bag. Wrote a short note, attaching her number to it so she could pay for damages. This was a bad day.
  To top it off, it wasn't even Leo who had called her….It was a damn delivery guy.

President's savage love Description

The young billionaire tycoon and Chairman of Murphy Real Estate, Calvin Murphy, chances upon kind and beautiful college student Greta and falls hard for her. But Greta is the girlfriend of his brother Kevin's classmate Leo. Undeterred, Calvin aggressively pursues her, leveraging his financial advantage. After Leo is accidentally burned, he keeps Greta by offering to pay for her boyfriend's treatment on the condition that she stays with him. Learning of Greta's "betrayal", Leo's personality drastically changes and his mind twists as he seeks revenge on Greta, ultimately going down an irredeemable path....

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Author: Penny

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