My Fiancée is Quitting her Job

My Fiancée is Quitting her Job


Author : Penny

Lastest Chapter: Chapter 31 — Lunch together

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Chapter 1 — His appearance mattered most

  "It's going to work. You don't have to worry," William said to the men for the umpteenth time. He adjusted his suit with a nod, "meanwhile enjoy the party."
  He clicked his tongue and shook hands with one of them before he moved away from the men.
  Music pulsed through the room, reverberating and bouncing back at the walls. It bloomed through and as William's eyes moved around, he couldn't help the little smirk that appeared on his face.
  It was the party his company had twice in a year He owned an inventing company; the fastest growing in New York City.
  Seeing the people enjoying the party, a smile grew to his lips. What he always wanted. Relaxation for every worker when they weren't working.
  But when they were? They better be on the guard and do everything right. He tolerated no incompetence.
  "Mr William."
  "Oh hold me, I just passed by him."
  Two ladies hurried past him and his eyes trailed them after their words. Not like it was new. Everyone in the city knew him. Aside from being a billionaire, he was dashing and could make women lose their breath by just a glance.
  He raked his hands through his hair and grabbed a seat. Settling on it, his eyes didn't fail to notice the flirtatious smiles the ladies around flashed him.
  "Mr William?" A man called from behind him and took a seat with him. "What a great company you're having already," the man laughed.
  "What about our deal? What are you thinking of the partnership with it?"
  William's facials pulled taut as he bore holes into the man's skin till the man became uncomfortable.
  "Yes, yes I know we haven't agreed on a particular price but you can as well bid down to meet my price."
  William scorned. He took his eyes off the man and gulped a drink. "I am glad you know we aren't on a deal yet. Ready to let go of your money and we'd have a great partnership." His words were short and he stood.
  Asking about a deal? He wanted to use all of their equipment for his office and still wasn't ready to let go of his money. He wanted the initiatives of those working for him but didn't want to spend or give anything in return?.
  It had to be a joke.
  William walked around the room, slowly humming to the sound of the music that bloomed. The success of his company managed to gladden his heart and make him smile.
  All of his board members were great people with the right creative ideas and then there was a woman he cherished so much. The hardworking one who had the best innovative idea.
  His secretary.
  The liquid hauling against William's chest dragged him to reality. His face creased as he raised his head to the lady.
  "I'm… I'm so sorry," the lady muttered in between smiles, "I wasn't watching."
  "I'd clean this up," she mumbled and leaned into William, rolling her eyes and running her tongue over her lips as she cleaned William's shirt with her thumb.
  "Mr CEO, you're cuter in person."
  William fought back a hiss but his face still carried the annoyance. The lady grabbed her hankie, wiping the stain off before she stopped.
  "Why don't we get there, I'd clean it up for you," her lips were so close to William and William ran his eyes over her.
  Scarlet red curly hair. A blue contact lens that didn't even fit her a bit.
  "Fine," he murmured and she leaned on him as they headed to the balcony. On getting there, William hauled her against the wall, the annoyance visible and etched on his face.
  "You wanted my attention so bad that you had to spill the drink on me?" His face pulled in a frown and his grip on the lady tightened, "How dare you do that?"
  His voice bounced back the walls in irritation. He cared about his appearance way too much and just to get his attention, she spilled a drink on him.
  "What… that's not a bad thing, is it?" The lady smiled and attempted to hold him, "We can have a quickie done right here to make up for that."
  William rolled his eyes and caught her hand. He twisted it and a yell slipped off the woman's mouth.
  "What do you mean, huh?"
  Seeing her face pulled in visible pain, he released her hand and took a step backwards. "Wipe every stain off me right now!"
  The lady searched his eyes to see if it was a joke but the anger ridden in them made her know it was otherwise. Her fist punched up and she scoffed.
  It was hard getting him, huh? That's what he was trying to prove.
  "Fine, I'll get a bigger hankie," her voice trembled lightly and she slid open the door.
  William shut the door as he fumed. Those close to him knew how much he valued his appearance. Those close to him? He had no one except her.
  He pushed off the smile that grew to his lips at how she looked after him. If she wasn't close to him, he doubted how he was going to get accustomed to it. At that, he stopped.
  He wasn't ready to let go of that woman.
  At that point, the door creaked open and the lady's face was revealed and the next second, she poured a drink on William.
  "Go to hell!" She spat with vicious eyes and shut the door.
  William's eyes went wide open. They travelled down his t-shirt and he cussed. How dare she? He made to open the door but stopped. There's no way he would go out this way.
  "Fuck it!" He exclaimed and reached for his phone.
  "Yes, William."
  He paused. Her voice sounded heavy at his name. Yes, she called him by his name.
  He continued nonetheless, "I got stained. Bring my dress to the balcony on the 99th floor."
  "I'll be there." She replied and he hung up.
  Damn that woman!

My Fiancée is Quitting her Job Description

Billionaire, William, who possesses it all—mind, body, looks, and endless wealth. The one who orchestrates every intricate detail of his corporate empire and personal life is none other than Lily, his devoted secretary of five long years. But then, the unthinkable happens. Out of the blue, Lily tenders her resignation, leaving William utterly dumbfounded. The reason for her sudden departure? William, who's secretly been nursing a hope that Lily would forever remain by his side, musters the courage to ask for her hand in marriage. But to his dismay, Lily crushes his dreams with a resounding rejection. In the wake of this heart-shattering revelation, William finds himself wrestling with unfamiliar emotions. Love, it seems, has cast its bewildering spell on him, and he embarks on an ardent, almost absurd, quest to win Lily's heart....

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Author: Penny

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