The president's secret wife

The president's secret wife


Author : Penny

Lastest Chapter: Chapter Twenty-Four: She is not just your sister, She is my wife!

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Chapter One: Stagnant Marriage.

  Martha Trust groggily opens her eyes, her body feeling heavy under the soft embrace of the bed. Sunlight streams through the curtains, emitting a warm ray over the room. With a sigh, she sits up, her tousled hair falling over her shoulders.
  Her husband, Isak Reese is beside her, sleeping with his soft breaths filling the room.
  Martha stares at Isak blankly, blinking her eyes at her handsome husband.
  Isak Reese, with his ash blonde hair, attractive broad shoulders, lean body, well-defined abs, and the chiseled features of a male model is the dream of most ladies.
  Apart from being good-looking, he's also the CEO of Reese Group, one of the thriving business groups in the world.
  However, even though Isak is the type of man every woman would want to be theirs, to Martha, Isak is more of a familiar stranger than a husband to her.
  They've been married secretly for two years but it's been the same during the years. Unlike other couples, their marriage is more like an agreement.
  Two years ago, Martha's brother was involved in a car accident that almost led to his death. With nobody to help, Martha could only ask Isak for help.
  Isak agreed to help but on the condition of Martha marrying him.
  Of course, Martha didn't want to marry Isak, she didn't want to ruin their friendship at that time.
  But what could she do? It's not like she has a choice.
  Broken, Martha decides to marry him and in return, Isak promises to help Martha's brother.
  For two years, their marriage has been stagnant, with no hope of improving. Martha didn't expect this marriage of relief to improve and will never expect their marriage to improve because Martha's heart has never belonged to him.
  Taking a deep breath, Martha nudges sleepy Isak, "Isak," She whispers, nudging her husband gently again. "Isak, wake up."
  Isak stirs beside her, his brows furrowing as he slowly opens his eyes. "What is it, Martha?" he asks, his voice still tinged with sleep.
  "I need you to transfer money," Martha says softly seeing the sleepy state of Isak. "My brother needs it for his medical treatment."
  According to their agreement two years ago, anything related to Martha's brother's medical treatment would be taken care of by Isak.
  Isak sighs and runs a hand through his disheveled hair. "Oh," he grunts. "I'm coming."
  Their marriage feels more like a transaction than a bond of love.
  Martha replies, "And I have something to show you, Isak. I made an IOU this time. You can hold onto it until I can repay you. And I hope our marriage won't be made out to the public."
  Isak, hearing her words, lifts his head from the bed, his sleepiness replaced with anger. His fury ignites at her suggestion, his face flushing with irritation.
  "What the h*ll is this, Martha? You are really unbelievable!"
  He snatches the IOU from her hands, his eyes glowing with savage fire. The paper crumples under his grip, and a small shard of it cuts deeply into his palm, evoking a hiss of pain.
  As Martha watches the blood trickle down his hand, a twinge of guilt washes over her but she quickly regains her blank expression. "Maybe we should talk about this later 'cause you are also being incomprehensible."
  Their relationship is already marred by financial agreements and secrecy. Why is he overreacting because she brought an IOU?
  Martha lets out a huff as she gets out of bed. She needs to get ready for the day's activities.
  Meanwhile, at Rouge Magazine, a place where Martha works as the editor-in-chief, a buzz of excitement fills the air as Emma, a renowned actress arrives for her scheduled photoshoot.
  Emma is one of the most popular actresses in New York City. She's friends with Isak's family, the Reese Family, and is more familiar with Isak than Martha.
  Martha and Emma don't get along that well but Martha doesn't care. She doesn't want to care about anything that concerns Isak.
  Dressed in a stunning ensemble, Emma exudes an air of confidence, but her dissatisfaction lies just beneath the surface.
  "What is this? Did you expect me to wear this?" Emma expresses her umbrage, grazing the clothes with the tip of her finger.
  "These clothes go well with the theme of this shoot, Miss Emma" One of the staff members tries to speak up while maintaining professionalism.
  Emma scrutinizes the clothes and makeup products laid out before her, her scowl deepening with each passing moment.
  "I don't want this and I'm not going to wear it. Get me something better!" Emma yells, her patience running her.
  "But the clothes…!"
  Without warning, Emma slaps the staff member who tries to placate her, shocking everyone present.
  Martha arrives at work, her steps hurried as she rushes through the bustling office. However, her attention is caught by the commotion surrounding Emma's tantrum. She watches the scene unfold, her eyes narrowing in disapproval.
  Stepping forward, Martha approaches Emma, her eyes flashing with a hint of anger, "What do you think you are doing Emma? Slapping a staff member?"
  Not minding Martha's presence, Emma rolls her eyes. "Yes! I slapped her, so what? What it is to you? I clearly said I won't wear the clothes but she kept getting on my nerves!"
  Martha's voice hardens angrily. "Is that why you slapped her? Emma, you owe both the staff member and every one an apology for causing an immature scene here. This behavior is inappropriate."
  Emma's eyes narrow defiantly, her voice dripping with arrogance. "I don't owe anyone anything. I won't apologize."
  Martha's patience wavers, her frustration surpassing its tipping point. She raises her hand and delivers a resounding slap across Emma's cheek, shocking everyone into silence. "You will apologize, or there will be consequences. I won't tolerate your insolence!"
  "Ahh! Did you just slap me?!" Emma flinches from the impact, her cheeks burning with humiliation.
  "If you don't complete the contracted shoot today, you will have to pay triple liquidated damages!" Martha replies, her eyes glowing with anger.
  Fear flashes briefly in Emma's eyes before a steely resolve takes hold.
  Not that she's afraid of Martha's warning but she fears that Martha might post the footage of her tantrum online for netizens to see.
  Reluctantly, she nods, realizing that Martha holds the power to ruin her reputation if she doesn't comply. She agrees to do the shoot with the same clothes she rejected.
  Due to the incident, Martha receives a call from her superior, urging her to mend relations with the staff member involved.
  "She slapped a staff member! No one deserves it" Martha's voice rises hysterically. "Sir!"
  After a while of trying to make it clear to her superior, Martha agrees to apologize, her blood boiling with irritation.
  The magazine's sponsorship and ad deals hang in the balance, leaving Martha with no choice but to rectify the situation.
  She escorts the assistant who was slapped to the Reese Group that same day, the elevator offering a momentary respite.
  However, in the confined space, the staff member vents her frustrations, unaware that Isak is also present. Maybe it was because of the anger boiling inside Martha and the staff, that they didn't notice the strange man in the elevator with them.
  "Mr. Reese has terrible taste in women," the staff member complains bitterly. "How could he choose someone like Emma? No wonder he withdrew the ad funding. Just because of her!"
  Unbeknownst to them, Isak overhears this in the elevator.

The president's secret wife Description

Is love was all about possession? A forced marriage. Two individuals who had yet to grasp the true meaning of love embarked on a tumultuous journey called marriage. One yearned for closeness, the other yearned for escape, and they both left a trail of scars on each other's hearts....

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Author: Penny

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