Daddy's Second Chance

Daddy's Second Chance


Author : GemSphere

Lastest Chapter: Chapter 30 Aftermath

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Chapter 1 The Betrayal

  Seraphina's POV
  "Seraphina, it's Penelope. Please help me."
  I heard her cry on the line so I immediately stood up from my bed concerned by her current condition.
  "What's wrong?" I asked, putting on my jacket already.
  "I was molested!"
  My eyes grew wide open as shock slowly settled on my system. "What?! Where are you now!? Did you call the police?"
  "No, no! I can't call them! Please, just come here and get me."
  "I'm coming already. Stay where you are. What club are you in?"
  After telling me the name of the club where she is at, I rushed out of my room and hailed a cab.
  She's my only best friend, the only one I ever had and she's a victim of a heinous crime for heaven's sake! How cruel is that?! I have to hurry to her side. She must have been feeling so horrible right now.
  "Penelope?" I called out when I reached the room on the second floor of the club where a man told me to go. "Pene-"
  I didn't have time to scream for help. My cries of fear were muffled by a strong hand that grappled my body and threw me into the bed.
  His hands were rough against my soft skin as he hovered around me, hungrily tearing my shirt up and pulling down my pants.
  "No!" I was only able to yell in my head because his huge hand was covering my entire nose and mouth.
  The man is obviously intoxicated. He's reeking of alcohol and of something else.
  I didn't have time to react. Before it even registered in my head, he was able to close his mouth into my exposed breasts and sucked them. I was trying to see his face but I couldn't see anything with the pitch darkness.
  Everything happened in an instant. Despite my struggle in vain, he was still able to forcefully enter me.
  Fresh hot tears rolled down my face as he successfully penetrated inside me breaking my hymen.
  I am no longer a virgin. The years of taking care of my purity were only gone in a second. I lost it to a complete stranger. I lost it to a rapist.
  After he spilled his seed inside me, he left me in the room traumatized and in so much pain mentally and physically.
  Trying to compose myself, I fixed myself and went out of the room where Penelope and my sister Lilith were happily chatting away.
  It only took me five seconds until it dawned on me that they set me up. Penelope wasn't really molested. They just lured me here to get raped.
  "What did you do to me?" My voice trembled as my tears started welling up again.
  The two noticed me, their faces with no dead giveaways of guilt. I think they were even proud of what they did to me.
  "Oh come on! What are you saying? Were you hurt? That was just a prank! Don't be such a killjoy, Seraphina. Loosen up," Penelope shrugged me off.
  "You're my friend. How could you do this to me?" I asked in a broken voice.
  "Seraphina, no one wants to be friends with a plain girl like you. You know what, I think you should thank us for spicing up your boring life. You get to have fun in the room. How's your first time by the way? Finally, you're no longer a virgin."
  "You're sick. You're both sick!" I turned to Lillian. "You tricked me too! I'm telling dad about this."
  "What? We didn't do anything to you. Say anything to dad and I'll show him some pictures of you working as an escort in a bar," she threatened me. "Let's see whose side he will be on."
  Grinning, she showed me her phone with edited photos of me in lewd costumes grinding on a pole.
  "Try me Seraphina and you'll see."
  So I kept my mouth shut despite being visited by nightmares night after night after I was raped. My life was never the same as before. My friendship with Penelope was broken and the gap between me and Lillian grew bigger.
  I thought I could silently move on from what happened but a few days later, Lillian decided to enact her sinister plan against me.
  "You're a shame to this family! Get out of my house! I don't want to see your face ever again!" my dad shouted at me and threw the edited pictures of me in skimpy clothes while with an old man on my face.
  "D-Dad, it's not me! Those pictures were not true. Lillian... She edited them. The truth is I was ra-"
  "I'm not hearing anything from you anymore, Seraphina! And how can you accuse your sister about this when she's just concerned about you? I don't tolerate any immorality in my family! You stained my name! From now on, you're not a Hayes anymore! Get out of my house right now!"
  I can't believe it. How can he just believe it right away? I'm his daughter. He should know that I can't do that. I don't even stay up late outside. He should know that I'm such a coward to be able to do such a daring act.
  That day, I had to pack up my bags and leave the house that has been my home for as long as I can remember.
  While having a hard time loading the bags into the taxi, Lillian with her arms crossed came down to watch me tearfully bid goodbye to my house.
  "Finally! I have gotten rid of you, Seraphina. Your room's mine now."
  With a straight face, I came up to her and slapped her with the hardest slap I can muster. Lillian gritted her teeth and was about to slap me back when she saw dad on the window watching us.
  But not me. I do not care anymore whether dad is looking at us. The hell I care! I couldn't care less anymore if I'd be the villain in their stories. She already ruined me. He already abandoned me.
  "What did I do to you for you to do this to me, Lillian? No, don't answer that." I breathed in the air and unclenched my fists. "Just so you know, I will never ever forget about this, Lillian. I will never forget who did this to me."
  Lillian just flashed her smile and waved at me. "Bye, Seraphina! Enjoy being homeless."
  I looked at our house for one last time which has been my haven of good and bad memories and vowed to never return to this place that deeply scarred me.
  Five years later...
  "Ms. Seraphina, some men were looking for you. They told me they're the representatives of a woman your late mother saved. They said they were looking for you for years now and they're requesting an audience. They also told me to inform you that the old lady wishes to meet with you."
  My hands automatically stopped from outlining my latest design upon the mention of a person from my past that I was trying to forget.
  "Tell them I'm occupied for the moment. I cannot meet them. Apologize on behalf of me, Sierra."
  "Right away, ma'am."
  After my secretary left, I sighed and sipped on my tea. I guess time has a funny way of catching up on you no matter how you try to run away from it.
  Alaric's POV
  I leaned on the swivel chair and adjusted my tie while talking to my secretary on the phone.
  "I need to know who sold my old watch to the second-hand market. I have a strong feeling that she's a woman. I need to know her identity now."
  "Copy, sir. I'll get down to it."
  After talking with Mike, I got up to pour myself a glass of whiskey. By finding who sold the watch, I know I'll also find the identity of the woman I slept with in the club five years ago.

Daddy's Second Chance Description

Seraphina, a 19-year-old jewelry designer who was tricked by her stepsister Lillian and friend Penelope 5 years ago. They set her up to sleep with a man, leading to her losing her virginity. This caused her father Mark to kick her out of the house. Seraphina moved abroad, gave birth to a son named Jeffrey, and worked hard to become a successful jewelry designer. She returns to her hometown 5 years later to work for a jewelry company called GemVogue. Her new boss turns out to be Alaric, the man whose life was saved by Seraphina's late mother when he was 5. His grandmother wants Alaric to marry Seraphina to repay the favor. However, Alaric is already compensating Penelope, thinking she is the woman he unknowingly slept with 5 years ago due to being drugged. Seraphina hates Penelope for tricking her and resents Alaric for being Penelope's boyfriend. She gets into trouble at work and fights with Penelope. Alaric helps her multiple times, though she remains stubborn. Her father Mark buys her a house, upsetting her stepmother Sophia. Sophia and Lillian come to Seraphina's office, and a fight ensues. Alaric sees the CCTV recording and wonders about Seraphina's past as a possible mistress with an illegitimate child. 1...

Who is Daddy's Second Chance Author?

Author: GemSphere

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