Accidentally Married to an indifferent CEO

Accidentally Married to an indifferent CEO


Author : Louise

Lastest Chapter: Chapter 30: Unveiling Shadows

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Chapter 1: A Dance of Deception

  The night sky over Sherington Metro twinkles with stars, setting the stage for the grandest event of the year called the Grand Ball of Tycoons. Dressed in their finest, the city's elite gather to revel in opulence and power.
  Among the glittering crowd, Benjamin Whitman, the dashing CEO and heir to a prestigious family legacy, stands tall. His hazel eyes betray little of his thoughts, cloaked behind a veneer of aloofness. His arm is entwined with the delicate figure of Olivia Feng, a twenty-four-year-old Hong Kong beauty, who both mysterious and stunning.
  To the world, they appear to be a couple deeply in love, such a rare sight in the world of the affluent. However, the truth remains hidden. Olivia looks at the man beside her.
  “We are but strangers in this lavish moment.” She whispers to herself.
  As they glide gracefully through the ballroom, the whispers of the wealthy elite follow them like a shadow.
  “Until now, we still don’t know who Mrs. Whitman really is…”
  “She is certainly a mystery. Her family must be very wealthy.”
  Benjamin's previous entanglement with Mia Caldwell, the daughter of another tycoon, has become the talk of the town.
  “Mia Caldwell must have been devastated to just see her with him…”
  “Who knows…young tycoons like him must have more than one flower in his palm…”
  Paparazzi had captured Benjamin and Mia together just the night before, fueling speculation. A persistent reporter approaches them, thrusting a microphone before Benjamin.
  “Mr. Benjamin Whitman, you were seen last night intimately with Miss Caldwell. Can you clarify your relationship with the actress?”
  Benjamin, cool and collected, refuses to be drawn into the fray.
  “Come, Olivia, don’t let them fray you…”
  He tries to steer Olivia away from the intrusive questioning, but the mysterious Olivia, known in the affluent world for her gentle and quiet demeanor, takes an unexpected stand.
  Olivia answers them back. “Benjamin is such a gentleman. He’s very caring to the people around him. Please be kind with your write-ups.”
  “But Mrs. Whitman, don’t you think that your husband is becoming too much of a gentleman for Miss Caldwell who’s often seen with him?”
  “You are insinuating too many presumptions. Can’t friends be always around all the time? Benjamin and I are here are a married couple, isn’t it enough proof that our marriage is doing well?”
  Benjamin is taken aback by Olivia's uncharacteristic boldness. For the first time, she defends their relationship in the face of the relentless media scrutiny.
  “Well said, Mrs. Whitman. Well said…”
  As they make their escape from the inquisitive crowd, they find solace in the lush garden surrounding the grand venue. Olivia turns to Benjamin, her eyes filled with a mixture of determination and vulnerability.
  Olivia looks at her husband quizzically. “Benjamin, you know we must maintain appearances. Your reputation is at stake.”
  Benjamin, his gaze locked with Olivia's, exhales softly. His stoic facade momentarily cracks, revealing the turmoil beneath.
  He finally speaks “Liv, you don't have to go to such lengths. This is just media gossip. I can handle it.”
  Olivia, her voice soft but resolute, counters, reminding him of their shared predicament.
  She stands her ground. “It's part of my duty, Mr. Whitman, to protect your image and our arrangement.”
  “I told you in public, you may call me by my first name.”
  “I know where I stand when we are alone, Mr. Whitman.”
  Their conversation hangs in the air, unspoken words lingering between them. Despite the unspoken truth of their loveless union, there is an undeniable connection that binds them.
  “If that’s what you wish…but I need to know who scattered that hideous scandal…”
  Benjamin, struggling to conceal his emotions, decides to delve deeper into the mystery of the paparazzi photo. He leaves Olivia standing in the moonlit garden, a mixture of emotions in her heart.
  “Off you go then…just like that…”
  As she watches him disappear into the night, the memories of the previous evening flood her mind, leaving her with a heavy heart and a sense of longing for a love that seems just out of reach.
  “So, there was more to it last night…”
  She recalls…LAST NIGHT…as Mia stood in the elegant living room of Benjamin and Olivia's house, the atmosphere crackled with tension. Benjamin was away on business, leaving Olivia alone with their uninvited guest. Mia, familiar with Benjamin's home, casually poured herself a glass of expensive wine, her demeanor oozing confidence.
  Mia with a sly smile addressed her. “You know, Olivia, it's a shame Benjamin isn't here. This wine is exquisite.”
  Olivia watched Mia's actions warily, her slender fingers fidgeting with anxiety. She knew Mia's visit couldn't be a simple social call.
  “Mia, why are you here? What do you want?”
  Mia took a leisurely sip of her wine before revealing her true purpose.
  “I came to talk to you, Mrs. Whitman...” She placed an emphasis in calling her out.
  “In fact, I brought you a gift.”
  She leaned in, her voice lowered to a conspiratorial tone.
  “I gave your brother a little something. $300,000 to be exact.”
  Olivia's eyes widened in shock. Her brother's gambling problem had brought her family to the brink of financial ruin. She couldn't believe Mia had intervened.
  “Mia, you did what? Why would you give him the money?”
  Mia's lips curled into a deceptive smile, her eyes gleaming with hidden knowledge.
  “Oh, Olivia, you don't need to repay me.”
  Olivia had been very patient with Mia for this past two years. She never once shouted back at her even if she wished to. She never once let her anger whenever Mia insult her, get out of control. But this time, it seems to be boiling up.
  “I will pay back whatever he owes you. You need not interfere with my family.”
  “I said there’s no need. Money is nothing to the likes of me. But you see because of money, I got to know your funny little secret.”
  Olivia's heart raced, and her mind raced even faster. Did Mia had her background checked? Mia couldn't possibly know everything, could she?
  Olivia taunted her. “What secret are you talking about?” She also took some glass of wine but did not drink.
  Mia's tone turned mocking, and she circled Olivia like a predator toying with its prey.
  “I know who you really are, Olivia Feng. An entertainer from Hong Kong, trying to play in our world of privilege and power.”
  Olivia felt exposed, as if Mia had stripped her bare with those words. She knew her humble beginnings were a far cry from Benjamin's world.
  The drank lady was just starting with her insults.
  “You're like a sly demon who snatched a deity from heaven. You should be punished.”
  Mia's words stung like a lash, and Olivia's temper flared. She could feel the anger boiling within her, but she really held it in check.
  “Mia, you don't know the whole story.”
  Mia, now deeply intoxicated by the wine, decided to escalate the confrontation.
  In a fit of drunken rage, she hurled her glass towards Olivia, the crystal shattering on the floor.
  Olivia deftly dodged the glass, her heart pounding. But the wine splattered all over her face and her blouse.
  “You’re too much!”
  She could feel her patience unraveling, but she refused to let Mia have the upper hand. With swift determination, Olivia grabbed Mia's wrist, her grip like a vise, causing Mia to wince in pain.
  “Sly demon! Get off me!”
  Olivia whispered with a deadly calm.
  “Mia, I suggest you tread carefully. I know more than you think, and I won't hesitate to reveal everything about you and my husband.”
  Olivia took a shard of glass from floor to scare Mia with it.
  Before Mia could respond, the front door swung open, and Benjamin stormed in, alarmed by the commotion.
  “What's going on here?”
  Olivia let go of Mia’s hand and let the shard of glass tumble on the floor.
  Mia, feigning innocence, cried out in distress.
  “Benjamin, she's hurting me! She's gone crazy!”
  Benjamin pushed Olivia on the side and rushed to Mia. His anger directed at Olivia.
  “Liv, get inside your room. We'll deal with this later.”
  Olivia, her heart heavy with frustration, obeyed Benjamin's command and ascended the stairs to the bedroom.
  “Benjamin…you don’t understand…”
  She walked slowly upstairs and listened intently as the argument between Benjamin and Mia continued downstairs.
  “That sly of a she-demon!”
  Mia, with feigned concern, spun a web of lies, telling Benjamin that she had been secretly giving money to Olivia and her family to keep the paparazzi at bay. Olivia's heart sank as Mia's deception took hold.
  “I can’t let her get away with this. She’s too much!’
  Just as Olivia was about to rush downstairs to defend herself and reveal the truth, she heard Benjamin's furious shout.
  Benjamin looks back at her. “Get inside the room and stay there, Olivia!”
  Tears welled up in Olivia's eyes as she retreated into the bedroom, the door closing with a resounding thud. She knew she had to find a way to expose Mia's lies and uncover the real story behind her tangled web of deceit.

Accidentally Married to an indifferent CEO Description

In order to take care of his ex-girlfriend Mia, Benjamin, a famous CEO, marries Olivia, a songstress, and makes it clear in advance that it's a marriage with no real name. But after the marriage, Benjamin's family has a series of strange events: first, the entertainment reporter is overly concerned about Benjamin and Olivia's marriage; then Benjamin's home inexplicably appeared in a few monitors; third is Benjamin's family-owned hotel staff poisoning, Benjamin's sister, Emily, was involved, but in the problem is about to be solved, Emily was accidentally killed. Everyone thinks it's just a normal traffic accident, but the thoughtful Olivia thinks the accident is related to Mia and insists on investigating the case. Her relationship with Benjamin's husband and wife is getting more and more tense due to this incident. Will Olivia be able to uncover the secret behind the accident in the end? Will Olivia be able to uncover the secret behind the accident and will the couple be able to reunite?...

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Author: Louise

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