Revenge of the Movie Queen

Revenge of the Movie Queen


Author : Oliva

Lastest Chapter: Chapter 30 Bitter-Sweet

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Chapter 1 Broken Trust

  It was a few minutes after ten in the night. The sun had long gone sunk into the horizon. The bright crescent moon hung in the dark, starless sky, like a silver claw on a pitch black canvas.
  The deep brown-haired Sophia Kensington, paced back and forth in the living room, her arms holding up her bosoms. She was clad in a black sleeveless top, that barely covered her belly button, accompanied with a pair of brown shorts.
  “Tsk, tsk, tsk...” She clicked her tongue continuously as she moved around the living room in no specific pattern. She would take a peak outside the window every now and then, shutting the curtains with a defeated sigh afterwards.
  She had initially gone to bed at around a quarter past nine. But after turning and turning for minutes, unable to sleep, she sat up and rushed downstairs. Her fiancé, Lucas, was supposed to have returned long ago, but he hadn’t shown up ever since he left this morning. No phone call, no text message, nothing. It was as though he was non-existent.
  She had also tried to call him multiple times, but he never answered and it’d switch to voicemail.
  Feeling sore in her thighs, she sat on a couch’s armrest and dialled his number once more, gluing the phone to her ear.
  “The number you are trying to call is switched off,” was the only response she got this time. It got her more agitated.
  Was his phone stolen? Had he been kidnapped? A lot of disturbing thoughts whirled around her head.
  She rubbed her glabella for a while, before standing up and heading upstairs. She entered her room and rested her back on the door, letting out a heavy exhale.
  At that moment, she heard some kind of muffled moan. With her interest piqued, she moved away from the door and sauntered towards the window. She pushed the curtain aside and looked down.
  Her eyes dilated as she spotted Lucas’ car parked at the back of the house, where her room faced. The car was shaking as though someone was bouncing within it. And then came the moan again.
  “The hell...?” Sophia raised a brow.
  She quickly backed away from the window and rushed downstairs.
  Meanwhile, inside the car at the back of the house, a lady sat facing a man, her legs spread wide on him She had no clothes on, expect a skirt, that had been rolled to her waist. It made it easy for the man to grab the sumptuous melons on her chest and squeeze them, as though they were round cheesecakes.
  A shirt was in her mouth, as a means to muffle her moans of pleasure as she rode the man’s hard meat-rod. She moved up and down, moaning in ecstasy. The man let go of her chest, leaving them to bounce nonstop. He grabbed her hips and thrust harder, drilling his masculinity deep into her.
  This immediate action made her throw her head back, whilst grabbing his shoulders, as she tried her best not to let go of the cloth in her mouth.
  The two of them continued pleasuring themselves, at the back seat of the car.
  Sophia soon walked close to the car, the muffled moans getting louder by each passing second. She creased her brows and placed her head on the window, to have a look inside.
  Her green irises shrunk in shock and disbelief. That was Lily, her best friend, and Lucas, the same fiancé she had been troubled about. The two of them were having sex right at her backyard. Her fiancé was cheating on her with her best friend.
  She remained frozen for a few seconds, before stepping back, utterly flabbergasted. Her shock soon overturned into rage and she struck the window with her fist, yelling, “Lucas!”
  Lucas, who had Lily’s nipple between his lips, jerked forward from the loud voice. This caused him to thrust deeper into Lily, who shivered as she climaxed. Sophia could only stare in disbelief.
  Lucas removed his lips and faced the window, likewise Lily, who was panting and smiling happily. Her smile dwindled as she saw who was outside the window. Lucas was also stunned.
  “S-Sophia?” Lucas stuttered.
  With arched brows, Sophia yelled, “What’s the meaning of this, Lucas? And really, with my best friend?!”
  Lucas opened his mouth but couldn’t say a word.
  Sophia darted her eyes at Lily, “I thought we were friends.
  Lily simply shrugged.
  “Shit! Shit!” Lucas threw Lily aside and scurried to the driver’s seat. With fidgeting hands, he ignited the engine.
  Taking a seat beside him and rolling down her skirt, Lily asked, “What are you doing?”
  “We have to leave!” Lucas reversed out of the compound and steered towards the tarred road.
  Sophia ran after them and stood at the other side of the road, yelling, “You’re not going anywhere!”
  She was really furious at that point.
  Lucas grunted as she stood in their way. With a quick glance at Lily, he nodded and faced the path ahead of him, holding the steering tightly. He heaved a sigh and slammed his foot on the throttle and the car shot forward.
  Sophia’s heart skipped a beat as the car approached her speedily. It was as though she was staring death in the face. That primal fear of mortality, kicked her instincts into overdrive and she sprang the other way, to avoid getting hit.
  However, her fiancé was vicious and swerved in the direction she was running. All Sophia saw next, was a bright blinding light. That was all she saw before everything went dark. They had ran her over to death.
  Lucas didn’t stop, driving away till they were out of sight.
  The sky groaned heavily, congested with thick dark clouds. It was noon, but it was almost no different from dusk, as the dark clouds blocked the sun in their masses. The sky groaned once more as it shed trickles of tears on the earth.
  Amidst the light rain shower, was a group of people, all donned in black outfits, standing in an arc around a casket that was suspended above a grave. Most of them held umbrellas to shield themselves from the rain, while the rest didn’t bother — they cried bitterly along with the pregnant sky.
  At the top of the hollow grave, was a tombstone. Carved on it was Sophia’s name, her date of birth and date of death. Her friends and family were gathered together for her funeral. Among which were Lucas and Lily, her fiancé and best friend — the ones that killed her.
  Sophia was quite a famous person, so there were reporters and cameraman on standby. Lily deliberately pretended to be sad and mournful in front of the camera, likewise Lucas, who kept shedding fake tears.
  He was soon invited to give a short speech and he poured his heart out, saying a lot of things, among which he said Sophia’s departure opened a big hollow in his heart.
  It was a really sympathetic funeral, save for Lucas and Lily.

Revenge of the Movie Queen Description

Movie queen Sofia crashed her fiancé Lucas's adulterous affair with his best friend Lily and was killed in a car accident engineered by the two of them. When Sofia opens her eyes again, she realizes that she has been reborn before the accident. So she joins hands with movie star Joshua to embark on a path of revenge, making Lucas and Lily pay the price they deserve and reaping the rewards of a true relationship....

Who is Revenge of the Movie Queen Author?

Author: Oliva

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