The Billionaire's One Night Bride

The Billionaire's One Night Bride


Author : penny

Lastest Chapter: Chapter 31 Confession of Love

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Chapter 1 A night with a stranger

  The woman nodded as she held the hem of her wedding dress. A happy smile was plastered on her face even as her eyes threatened to close.
  "I love your wedding dress. It's beautiful," one of the passersby gushed and she could only smile at them as the voices in her head got louder.
  She was intoxicated and seeing her newly wedded husband was the only thing on her mind.
  Newly wedded. Yes, it was her wedding night.
  "Hi," she waved her hands in front of a passerby and wiped her face with the hope of wiping the blurriness off. "Have you seen the groom?"
  "No," the woman made up a face and shook her head and Caroline sighed.
  Caroline Brown, a positive and nice lady just got married after years of courtship with her husband. Love was a small portion of what she felt for him.
  He was her strength or so she thought.
  "I'm sorry," she bumped into someone and batted her eyelashes as she moved a step backwards.
  "Caroline? David has been waiting for you," the voice told her, "He's at the end of the floor. The last room."
  "Really?" A smile broke on her face and she wiped her face to see the person in front of her but it was of no use. She only nodded and rushed towards the room pointed at.
  "David? Didn't you say you'll watch over me? I made you promise and you defiled it?" She grunted as she walked in. "Where are you?" Her eyes scanned the room and she sighed as she flopped to the cushion in the room.
  "I can barely see—" she muttered in her drowsy voice when the door was pushed open and the next second, it was locked.
  Through her blurry vision, Caroline made out the dress of the man. A blue suit like David wore and his shoes clicking against the floor.
  "What a fragile girl," the husky voice came on as he headed to Caroline and at once, he leaned down to her. "A white dress?"
  "David," Caroline called and her arms went wide as she flung herself to him. "You changed your… your cologne?" Caroline sniffed in the scent and giggled, "I like this one better."
  "I see," a gruff voice came on and before she could grasp it, his lips came in contact with Caroline's. Caroline gasped as their tongues met and sitting up, she strained her neck to meet more of his demands.
  The man let out a grunt as he lowered them both of them to the bed and his hands moved on her ass. A soft gasp escaped Caroline's mouth and the man stopped.
  His eyes travelled down the girl in front of him and a smirk rose to his lips. Clear crystal green eyes. Her blonde hair curled and ran down her shoulders.
  Her gentle face was right in his sight and her eyes shut giving her the most innocent look he had ever seen. He broke into smiles and at once, his hands ran into her hair, yanking a fistful.
  Caroline's mouth went wide open and at once, the man connected their lips. They dwindled to the bed as his tongue moved inside Carol's mouth, exploring and lashing at every corner.
  "Da… David—"
  "F**k it! Not David!" The man groaned as he yanked his t-shirt off. "Don't say, David," he warned and Carol gasped as his hands drove into her wedding dress, shoving and ripping it off her
  "David… wedding… dress," Caroline gasped continuously as she held on to the man's neck. The man stopped and pierced her skin with his eyes for moments before he hoisted her and ran the dress down her hips, flinging it to heaven knows where after.
  Caroline shut her eyes as her hands ran down the man's shirtless body. She had always wanted to explore David. To know what he felt like just like David had always wished to do to her.
  Her head banged a little and she cussed. She hated that she couldn't make out David's face. She had always wanted to see him when he did her dirty.
  "I'd never drink again," she grunted as she ran her hands into the man's hair, "David. I promise."
  "F**k it," the man let his hands roam on her belly, "I'm not David," he whispered and moved his hands up to her neck, "Just, watch how I f**k that out of you," his husky voice bellowed in Caroline's ears and he leaned down to her neck.
  Gentle, wet, sloppy kisses before they turned aggressive, as he sucked on her ear down to her neck.
  Gasps ran out of Caroline's mouth and when the man's hand groped her boobs through the soft fabric of her underwear, a moan managed to tear through her throat.
  It made the man's d*ck twitch. He stopped as he bore holes into the fragile girl underneath him before his lips met hers in a passionate wide kiss, according to the emotions evoking in him.
  "F**king wrap these around me. I love tight holes," the man grunted and raised her thighs to wrap around his torso. "Don't let it down," he warned as his eyes moved down to her flesh.
  Without warning, he yanked the panties off and taking his hands there, he found her soaking and her clit, swollen and screaming in need.
  "I've got you," he lashed at her flesh and Caroline let out a cry in both pain and pleasure.
  "I f**king love moans better," he grunted and settled in between her, "You're going to take all of me in, little c*nt," he husked and ran his pants down his hips before he positioned himself and thrust into her.
  "F**king take me in," he drove into her carelessly and what followed was Caroline's painful cry.
  He just thrusted into her hole. A virgin hole.
  "That's way too loud," the man grunted and leaned his head to her. He grabbed her face and connected their lips, his hands squeezing her boobs while his dick moved into her.
  "Pleasure…" he muttered as he took all of Caroline's cry and moaned with possessive kisses.
  Caroline woke up with a start. Her legs were widened and her eyes snapped open. Taking a look at the direction her eyes face, confusion crept into her and she sat up in an instant.
  That wasn't David's place. It wasn't.
  A gasp escaped her lips and her eyes bulged at the throbbing pain in between her thighs. Her head banged and she gripped onto it while the memories flooded in.
  Drink. David told her he'd watch over her. Her looking for him. Compliments. Someone giving direction.
  "David," a cry escaped her mouth as she stood with so much force that made her pussy throb the more. She whimpered as she ran her hands around her body and limped to her dress.
  Seeing it shredded, she gasped as her hands shook around her wedding dress. It was her best dress in her entire life and… it's shredded? The lace on the chest part was in pieces. Her precious dress. Did David do that?
  "David," she hurried to the window, ignoring her pain and the city illuminated but quiet, she gasped. It was dawn!
  Her phone beeped and she rushed to it only to see a dozen texts.
  "Where are you?"
  "Where'd you sleep last night?"
  All David's text. Her heartbeat went frantic and she struggled to breathe. He came to meet her last night. They had sex. Why was he asking her that?
  Was he playing a prank? She held onto her chest to calm herself and sniffed repeatedly as her eyes darted around. Her eyes met her heels and she rushed into them.
  She had to go meet David. What was he saying?

The Billionaire's One Night Bride Description

On the night Caroline believed would launch her happily-ever-after, fate had other plans for her. Instead of marital bliss, she found herself entwined with a mysterious stranger—a one-night stand shattering the facade of her carefully planned life. This mistake reshaped her destiny. At sunrise, the consequences hit like a tidal wave. Her fiancé chose to sever ties, leaving her alone with a broken engagement and an unexpected souvenir—two tiny heartbeat growing within her. Now at the crossroads of love and uncertainty, she questions everything once held dear. How to navigate the uncharted waters of single motherhood, bearing the weight of a life-altering secret? In the aftermath of shattered dreams and new responsibilities, a journey into the unknown awaits—a path that may lead to unexpected love or plunge her into heartache....

Who is The Billionaire's One Night Bride Author?

Author: penny

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