When CEO plays dumb 100 days

When CEO plays dumb 100 days


Author : DDD

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Chapter 1 100 days Tempting Contract

  A figure with 5 feet 7 inches, gracefully moving with an air of natural allure. The soft waves of blonde hair cascade like liquid gold, catching and reflecting the sunlight, creating a mesmerizing dance of light. Eyes, like precious crystals, hold the hue of a clear summer sky, drawing you into a world of depth and wonder. The slender form exudes elegance and poise, a testament to both inner and outer beauty. Every movement is a brushstroke of art, a canvas of beauty in motion.
  Ivy came to a halt when she got to the podium, her gaze directed at the crowd present at the real estate industry summit.
  Her poised stature and unwavering gaze commanded attention as she began to speak.
  "Good afternoon, esteemed colleagues and industry leaders," Ivy Foster began, her voice resonating with confidence. She gestured towards a screen behind her, which displayed a carefully crafted presentation of strategic expansion plans. "Today, I'm thrilled to unveil Foster Group's strategic vision for growth and expansion in the commercial real estate sector."
  The images on the screen showcased maps dotted with potential acquisition targets, each one meticulously evaluated and marked for its unique potential. Ivy eloquently delved into the company's mission to diversify its portfolio, emphasizing a forward-thinking approach that aligned with market trends and emerging opportunities.
  "With meticulous research and a commitment to innovation," Ivy Foster continued, "we've identified strategic acquisition opportunities that align with our vision for sustainable growth." The audience leaned forward, captivated by her words. Ivy went on to outline the key acquisition targets, detailing their respective market positions, growth projections, and potential synergies with Foster Group's existing assets.
  Present at the Real Estate Industry Summit, Thomas Rice, the proxy chairman of Future Group, he was wowed by Ivy's presentation about the acquisition plan. He knew this would be a win-win if he endorsed the Future group to collaborate with the Fosters. He couldn't wait for the meeting to be over, he had to bag this deal. immediately the meeting came to an end, he placed a call quickly to Hugo Ashford, the son of the Group founder, urgently summoning him to come back. He had another business strategy figured out, he wasn't the proxy chairman for nothing.
  After hanging up on the call with Hugo, Thomas requested for a brief business discussion with Ivy.
   Walking past different people in black, Thomas headed with his guards to Ivy's office.
  "Good day chair lady!" he extended his hands forward, giving her a light shake before he sat down.
  Ivy smiled hearing Thomas call her a chair lady, though she was the current CEO of the Foster group, she felt it was awkward for someone like Thomas to address her formally.
  "About the Acquisition plan, on behalf of the Future group, we will be more than interested in partnership with you on that project!" Thomas was a man of few words, he had the nail when necessary.
  Ivy who was one hundred percent sure of the Acquisition program's success, but was more concerned about the partnership, she was more relieved hearing the future group interests. This would mean a lot to her if she could draw the attention of the Future group, which was ranking as the number one best in the world. Who was she to say no, she doesn't even need to consider.
  Her eyes flickered brightly with joy, batting her long lashes together, she struggled to keep her emotions away. This was strict business and she had to keep her emotions away. However, it was a lot to her for her emotion to condone.
  "I can give a broader view of what the project entails and when we are embarking on it!" Ivy tried to explain, but the uncertainty she caught in the older man's eyes made her shivered with fright if he could withdraw the offer any sooner.
  "I don't need to hear more details, you are a hardworking girl. I must comment, and you'll be a perfect fit for both the company and the latter!" Ivy creased her brow in confusion as she heard the older man speech... What was he talking about? She thought to herself, she was smart and outspoken, those are the qualities that made her stood firm to her ground as the current CEO, she wasn't naive, so she knew Mr. Thomas was asking for something aside business.
  "What are you proposing, Thomas?" she dared to ask, her eyes staring directly into his as she shut him a daring look. Bold, brave and formidable... Name it, she was all in one.
  Mr. Thomas sigh, he knew she was smart enough to know that he was driving after something. "Get engaged to the son of the our group for 100 days, and then we can discuss our business goal further!" a game of chess, right? Thomas had his pawns, and his queen set to action.
  Ivy squinted her eyes as she digested the word, Mr. Thomas had just spilled.
  "100 days right?" she probed after much thought. It's going to be a win- win for the both of them, she sets her Acquisition program to action, get it fulfilled within hundred days, and then the contracts expire... She walks out victorious as usual. She had it all planned...
   "Yes, a hundred days!" Mr. Thomas said slowly, highlighting on those words.
  "Deal!" Ivy didn't need to think again, that was it, and she was ready.
   "I will have my assistant send you the contract in hours!" Mr. Thomas rose to his feet, he was always set out to win. With this endorsement deal, he was guaranteed that their company is going to achieve a more greater height.
   "It's nice doing business with you, Mr. Thomas"
  "This isn't true!" Leo Martin screamed as he tossed the newspaper his assistant had handed him a while ago, the paper flew as it landed with each page almost worn out from the pin that held it firmed together.
  He was meant to get married to Ivy, Yes, him not the Future group son. He felt betrayed, his heart felt like ripping to pieces.
  In a hushed, yet discreet voice, he yelled, "This can't be happening!" He has been played, and he had to return the favor.
  With a smirk, "Get me the publisher number!" he ordered. They started it and he was going to spice it up.
  With just a ring, Leo made a deal as he blurted out indiscreet words that was going to affect the stock prices of both groups.
  A contract engagement, it was... But lately, the press and media had always been at her back, watching her every move. Ivy knew that if there was any way she could prove their passionate love just as the media poses it as, she had to move into Hugo's house, the son of the Future group. She needed to play her cards smartly.
   Hugo was Faced with living with a woman he had only met twice, everything was awkward with him, he could barely come out from his room while she was around, they acted like a complete stranger in the house without one word being said to each other.
  Only when he knew she wasn't in the house then he can freely crawl out from his room, and does his usual routine. He knew that if he keeps living this awkward way, she might query him one day. The news he had been hearing about her, Brave, Bold and all... He doubts if she was the perfect woman for him.
  Just as Thomas as told him, it was just a 100-day contract and then he was free from the clause. But still, he can't keep living this way.
  With a sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose, he brought out his phone deciding to call Albert, his very good friend, and Mr. Thomas's son.
  "Hey Man! What's popping?" Albert teased as he entered into the house, brushing Hugo's shoulder.
   "Man, I'm good! Just needs to get some burden off my chest!" Hugo explained, as he explained his inconvenience to Albert, who in turn advised him to keep it real.
  Later in the day, Hugo had wanted to take a shower, heading into the bathroom, he felt his heart almost caught in his throat as he caught the sight of Ivy standing with a claded white robe.
   "I'm sorry!" he stuttered, about to rush outside, but then Ivybwas faster as she locked the door, before he could even turn it open.
  Hugo eyes widened, giving her a questioning look. Ivy couldn't help but laugh at how nervous he looks, she had over heard his conversation with Albert on how her presence scares the hell out of him.
  "Are you this scared of me?" she teased walking closer to where he stood. With each step she took, he moved backward as he wondered what had come over her.
  "Common, don't be scared, I don't bite... At least I'm not a vampire!" Ivy continued to tease.
  One minute she was still talking, the next she felt his hands grabbing her waist as he struggled to catch her firmly in his hands. She had is calculated her step and would have fall to the floor if he hadn't held her.
  Ivy felt her breath increasing rapidly as she started at their awkward position, he had his strong arms circles around her curvy waist, and his well-muscular body was very close to her, her boobs brushing against his hard-muscled chest.
  Ivy felt her chest heaving heavily, tilting her face to look at his, her crystal blue eyes stared into his turquoise own, the intensity of it captivating hers, compelling her not to withdraw.
  Ivy suddenly felt her throat going dry, she stared from his eyes, then to his well-chiseled jaw, her eyes glued to his firm taut lips, it was tempting, captivating... She suddenly craves to feel the softness on hers.
  Without thinking, Ivy ran her tongue on her lips, an action which she noticed made him uneasy, as he pulled her more closely to his body and then his warm breath fanned her as she felt the longing softness on her lips. Ivy shut her eyes close, wrapping her hands around his neck as she was lost in that moment in a pure moment of bliss.

When CEO plays dumb 100 days Description

Ivy Foster, the powerful female CEO of Foster Group, and Hugo Ashford, the puppet CEO of Future group, agree to a 100-day engagement to resolve the company's crisis. Despite their love-hate relationship, with the help of their friends' meddling, their fake romance becomes real. Just when everything seems peaceful, Hugo's childhood friend Albert reveals his own ambition. How will this "puppet CEO" protect his family business with the help of his "plucky wife"......

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Author: DDD

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