The end of the world: my eight year old child saved the world

The end of the world: my eight year old child saved the world


Author : Laugh through the pale Luan

Lastest Chapter: Chapter 114 Amulet

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Chapter 1 I turned into a naughty boy?

"Shit! Why did my chick become smaller?"
In the boy's dormitory of the boarding primary school, there was a scream. Evan suddenly sat up to check his body.
In front of him was a pair of chubby legs and two chubby little hands. He was a little confused. "What's wrong? Shouldn't I sleep in the military camp of the refuge? Why did I become a child?"
In a panic and shock, his eyes quickly swept around the surrounding survey. The scene in front of him was very familiar.
"What are you shouting for in the early morning? It's so annoying --!"
"I have class later. Let's sleep for a while..."
His roommates complained in a childish voice.
"Class? What time is it? Why does he still have class?"
[Ding! The host has passed through successfully and is loading the system.]
A cold mechanical voice rang in his mind, and he was stunned.
'teleportation system? '?
[Ding! The system of the heavenly selection has been activated successfully!]
He made up his mind for the heaven and earth and his people.
In order to inherit the unique skill and ensure the peace of the world.
The host had become the son of the heaven's selection, YouYou dragon and Camelia. He had traveled back to the year before the end of the world.
My leader, please keep Charlie and Shirley alive and protect the history of our country!
[primary task: please order the country to prepare for the end of the battle in your own way. "
Evan understood everything!
He had traveled back to eight years old and became the son of the God to protect his country!
"I will do my job well!"
He clenched his fists and his blood was boiling.
As the Mr. Brian long, I'm now shouldering the mission with great passion. It's my duty to protect Charlie!
However... He was so excited that he forgot to control his voice.
His voice woke up the tired roommates again. They lifted the quilt and said angrily, "are you done? Why are you so selfish?"
"I'll tell you later!"
Embarrassed, Evan touched the back of his head and wanted to tell the teacher
The end of the world would come in a year.
That disaster happened without warning. Almost overnight, the whole world fell into a shock.
Volcanic eruption, mountain collapse and tsunami, radiation of core energy, species mutation, giant beast
Many innocent people died, and their corpses were exposed in the wilderness. Money was meaningless, and the order was gone. The whole water ball fell into an eternal dark era of civilization.
They were short of materials and unpredictable people. Everyone was living at all costs.
Human beings ate human beings and ghosts ate ghosts. The cruel living law made human beings lose their lives.
However, now that he had become the son of the heaven's selection, he had to shoulder this responsibility and change everything that would happen in the future.
The top priority now was to tell the country to prepare for the end of the battle.
But what should she do?
She called the police and told them that she was the son of God's choice and would come back to save Charlie from the future travel?
She had to be sent to the children's psychiatric hospital
Although this sounded absurd, what happened when the end of the world came was even more bizarre.
After thinking for a while, he remembered that he had his cell phone at this time because he lived in the school.
So she logged in B on her phone and posted a question card:
"Stop pretending. I'm telling the truth. I came back from the future travel. What should I say to make others believe me?"
B was a large social platform with a large number of active users and a group of rare talents from all walks of life.
They often discussed profound problems, such as
Can I have dinner with an empty stomach?
Father is infertile. Am I also infertile?
Could walnuts be good for your brain?
Why did people walk on the road?
Therefore, when Evan sent this post, it quickly attracted a lot of netizens to discuss.
"That's easy! Just tell me the number of the winning lottery tomorrow!"
"The traveler? Tell me, did the horse win the championship? Is the man Hu the champion?"
"Master, I'm also a traveler. Which company are you from?"
"Well, I'm the supreme Grandmaster of fortune!"
"I, the strongest ancestor of the alien world came to report!"
"Don't be so noisy. Let's look at the personal information of the building owner. He is only eight years old. He is just a primary school student. I guess he has read too many mysterious novels and has been possessed by madness..."
Looking at the replies of these netizens, Evan was so worried that he pressed his temples.
But it was understandable. After all, this kind of thing was really too ridiculous. If they wanted to believe, they had to have a certain degree of persuasion.
After thinking it over, Evan sent another post with the title:
"The future traverser, I am here to foretell the fortune. Shame on you!"
The content of the post was as follows:
[1. tomorrow morning, there will be an accident during the livestream, which will be blocked and killed by the whole network. "
"2. tomorrow morning's news conference reported that the sunset country encountered a huge tsunami."
"3. a well-known female star will be exposed on the Internet. A pregnant woman with shocking news."
Before he passed through the time travel, he was already 18 years old. It was really difficult for him to recall what happened 10 years ago.
Besides, he never cared about anything like seven star color or stock.
Fortunately, he liked to watch LuBenwei's live broadcast very much. On the day of being banned and killed, he watched the hot news for a long time to find the answer.
Such an interesting post would definitely attract a lot of attention!
As he expected, the post became more and more popular within a few minutes.
"Why is this child again? The poison of the time travel novel is not shallow. Contact his parents quickly and save the child!"
"Naughty boy... What a perfect actress! The future golden donkey award winner deserves it!"
"Kid, the Internet is not an illegal place. You should be responsible for what you say. If the rumors are spread in a bad way, you will be arrested by the police!"
[I see. You are lying to the public. I don't know what you are going to sell later. Young man, you are so smart! "
"I'm really ridiculous... That's too false. How could a big streamer like LuBenwei be banned or killed? Even if he made any mistakes, he would be slowly wiped out. The website depends on him to earn traffic. Is there any simple logic?"
[LuBen, forever earth God! Everyone, stand up! "
"The sunset country was hit by the tsunami? I'm very happy to see it, whether it's true or not. Hahaha..."
"I'll do it as well! The most important thing is to make a successful prediction. I'll livestream the upside down wash! If there are two successful predictions, I'll learn how to make Arvin eat shit! If there are three successful predictions, I'll wash my head upside down and learn how to make Arvin eat shit!"
The sand Eagle netizens chatted more and more happily, and the post had been on the hot list with their help, attracting more netizens to discuss.
He nodded with satisfaction. Everything was under control.
There was still a while before he got up. Lying on the bed, he recalled his previous experience. His scalp tingled. He couldn't let the history repeat again.
Before he passed through, the water ball was about to encounter a large meteorite collision. According to the scientist, the water ball would leave the original track and start a space travel.
What he needed to do now was to attract the attention of the netizens, make them believe what he said, and then start to prepare for the end of the battle!

The end of the world: my eight year old child saved the world Description

"Although I'm just an eight year old child, I'm the son of destiny! Trust me, the end of the world in a year will fall." At the meeting in J City, all the big shots voted together and officially appointed him as the general director of the plan! Tens of millions of soldiers had been recruited, which shocked the whole world! It could sweep the economy and reserve goods and materials! Star supply, space station! "Is the state of dragon and Xia crazy? How could they follow the command of a kid?" Sunset Kingdom: "in less than a year, Charlie will fall and sunset empire will rise!" Just as the whole world was confused about what Charlie had done. The end of the world was approaching Volcano eruption, tsunami earthquake, plague mouse disaster, leak of core energy, glacier age, meteorite collision The whole world has fallen, and only I, Charlie, can fight the end of the world! "What? You want to be a citizen of Dragon Island? No way!"...

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