My seven sisters are as beautiful as flowers and jade

My seven sisters are as beautiful as flowers and jade


Author : Night starry sky

Lastest Chapter: Chapter 575 the final episode

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Chapter 001 sister Janice

"Tyson, have you made up your mind? Are you going back to Xinghuacun?"
A white haired old man stood in front of the gate of the legendary Chinese Medicine Valley and asked a more than 20 year old man.
His name was YangTieqiu.
"Master, I've made up my mind!" YangTieqiu nodded affirmatively.
The old man touched his beard gently and said to YangTieqiu with a smile, "well, as the leader of the medicine deity Valley, you should have a good training. After returning to Xinghuacun, you can take over the medicine deity Hall of the yellow mud town..." after saying that, the old man slowly turned around and disappeared in front of the medicine deity valley.
Three days later, in the mud town.
Hundreds and thousands of people appeared in front of the medicine hall.
They got a gossip that the main purpose of the medicine valley was to take over the medicine hall in the mud town.
So all the people in the town came to watch the fun.
These people came here because they admired the legendary Medicine Valley.
They all looked modest, eager to see the grace of the leader of the medicine deity valley.
The legendary Medicine Valley was a legend in the yellow mud town. With superb medical skills, it had saved thousands of people in the yellow mud town, and the unique medicine formula in the medicine hall was the treasure that all the rich merchants in the yellow mud town scrambled for.
It was said that the richest man in the yellow mud town, hogan, became a billionaire because he got a unique prescription from the medicine God hall.
However, at this time, YangTieqiu did not appear in the medicine hall. Instead, he rushed to Xinghuacun with a package on his back.
"Five years! I'm finally back!"
Looking at the village in front of him, YangTieqiu sighed deeply.
When YangTieqiu was twelve years old, his parents fell off the cliff when they were collecting herbs on the mountain and never returned. Later, YangTieqiu was taken in by seven sisters without blood relationship in the village's medicine factory.
Her elder sister, Janice, was gentle and kind-hearted; her second sister, Shelly, was smart; her third sister, LiJing, was talented; her four sister, WangFang, domineering village head; her five sister, Vivian, affectionate widow; her six sister, Qian melody, the CEO of the company; her seven sister, Liu Yu, the daughter of a rich family.
Among the seven sisters, Janice was the only one who was gentle and kind. She was weak and couldn't do heavy work. At that time, she didn't have much income in the herb factory, but lived on planting vegetables and fruits in the factory.
To put it bluntly, YangTieqiu was the child of seven sisters, who helped him grow up slowly.
When YangTieqiu was eighteen years old, his six elder sister, Nancy Qian, became the owner of the Xinghuacun herb factory.
However, something embarrassing happened next.
At that time, YangTieqiu was chosen by the Zhao clan's LaoYezi in the mud town and became an adopted son-in-law.
ZhaoXuan, the granddaughter of the Zhao clan, was a flower in the mud town. She didn't want to marry YangTieqiu from the bottom of her heart, and she looked down upon him. She always made difficulties for him. As a result, one day, she deliberately set a trap to get YangTieqiu drunk and threw him on the bed of her six sisters, Nancy
After the incident, YangTieqiu was beaten up by the Zhao clan, driven out of the house and abandoned the wilderness.
But unexpectedly, YangTieqiu was saved by a highly skilled doctor in the wilderness and taken to the medicine valley.
In just five years, YangTieqiu was highly valued by the highly skilled doctor. He not only obtained all the teachings of the medicine deity Valley, but also became the new leader of the medicine deity valley.
Now, YangTieqiu is back!
"My seven sisters, are you all right?"
YangTieqiu murmured the names of the seven sisters in Xinghuacun, with mixed feelings.
Lowering his head, YangTieqiu looked at a photo in his hand.
In the photo, there were seven young girls dressed in ordinary cloth skirts. Even from the still photo, it could be seen that these seven sisters had delicate features and looked like fairies.
Although Xinghuacun used to be a place for medicinal materials, it was remote and the villagers lived a poor life. Most of the young labor force went to other places to work. As for the weak and sick old people, women and children, they could only stay at home.
Therefore, if there was a strong man in the village at this time, he must be very popular.
Ten minutes later.
In a courtyard in the south of Xinghuacun.
This area was backed by mountains and the environment was quiet.
YangTieqiu stopped and stared at the familiar yard in front of him.
There were five kinds of feelings in his heart.
Compared with other people in the village, her sister's house was old and shabby. From a distance, the cracks on the mud wall could be seen. The thin tiles on the roof were covered with a layer of moss because of the wind and rain for a long time.
When YangTieqiu approached, a group of chickens ran to him in the yard, flapping their wings, as if to welcome YangTieqiu. But when he approached, the chickens ran away in a hurry.
The door of the yard was ajar. YangTieqiu wanted to give a surprise to her, so he tiptoed into the yard.
As soon as they arrived at the courtyard, a black dog ran over.
"XiaoHei, you don't know me?" YangTieqiu called her name softly.
XiaoHei stared at YangTieqiu hesitantly for a while and finally recognized him. Then she began to wag her tail happily.
It seemed that dogs were all human beings. YangTieqiu squatted down and rubbed XiaoHei's head.
A moment later, YangTieqiu went inside again.
There was no one in the kitchen or in the bedroom. Where was she?
YangTieqiu heard a light noise and found that it was from the back door, so he tiptoed to the back door.
Most of the villager's houses in Xinghuacun were located near the mountains and rivers. Except for the front yard, their families had open the back door to the mountains.
When YangTieqiu walked to the back door, he saw a charred bun and a bowl of salted eggs on the table. He felt a pang of sadness. It might be the dinner of Sun Qiao.
YangTieqiu thought to himself, 'now that I'm back, I must let my sister eat meat every meal from now on.'.
YangTieqiu thought she was washing clothes, but when he gently opened the door, he found that she was taking a shower under the mountain spring. She held a scoop in her hand, scooped up a warm spring water and slowly poured it on her collarbone.
A stream of water flowed down her collarbone and scratched the snow-white skin on her chest
YangTieqiu blushed instantly.
When she heard the sound of the door, she was startled and screamed.
"Tyson, why... Why are you back?"
"Sister, I'll tell you after you take a shower..." YangTieqiu looked at SunQiaona, who was still young and beautiful, and quickly retreated to the door and closed it.
When YangTieqiu returned to the front yard, Janice stood at the foot of the mountain spring in a daze. Thinking that she was naked and let YangTieqiu see her, she blushed.
Janice looked around and found that her clothes were all wet, but the clothes she used to change were placed in the bedroom. What should she do now?
"Tyson, I left in a hurry just now and forgot to take my clothes. How about you cover your eyes and let me go back to the bedroom to get my clothes?"
"Okay, sister. I have covered my eyes!" YangTieqiu replied in a hurry, and then covered his eyes with his hands hard.

My seven sisters are as beautiful as flowers and jade Description

In the beautiful Xinghuacun, I have seven sisters who are not related by blood. My elder sister is gentle and kind, my second elder sister is smart, my third elder sister is talented, my four elder sister is domineering, my five elder sister is affectionate and widow, the president of my six elder sister company, and the daughter of my seven elder sister's rich family... And I, the legendary leader of the medicine Valley!...

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Author: Night starry sky

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