Constancia Island, A Femdom Novel

Constancia Island, A Femdom Novel


Author : Chris Bellows

Lastest Chapter: Chapter Nineteen

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Chapter One

  Chapter One
  I have a two-hour wait in the Berlin airport for my plane to Aruba. My flight from Munich arrived early, another tribute to German efficiency.
  The time between flights provides me with an opportunity to read background material on my ultimate destination, Constancia Island.
  Since Lady Constance surprised me with the airplane ticket to Aruba, I had little notice concerning this extended leg of my trip. But I was able to perform some quick research before leaving and located, deep in the bowels of a New York research library, old magazine articles from the 1920's. Other articles were found, and I copied all and placed them in my brief bag without reading them, having to spend the remainder of the day packing.
  In the following summaries, the italics are my editorial clarifications.
  Esquire, May 25, 1923 “Baron Esterhoven Purchases an Island”
  The wealthy Baron Esterhoven (great grandfather to Lady Constance) has purchased a small, secluded island near Aruba. Past ownership, of the uninhabited two-mile by seven-mile island, has been disputed by three countries, Netherlands, France and Spain. Thus it was only someone such as the influential Baron, with access to the halls of world leadership and with immense wealth, who could finally negotiate the ultimate status of the secluded strip of tropical greenery.
  The solution..., for undisclosed sums paid to all three countries, it now belongs to him. Therefore, a new principality has been created with the Baron and his wife becoming defacto King and Queen of what, by signed agreement, will be recognized as a separate country.
  The Baron was not available for interview, but associates close to the family suggest that the driving force behind the expenditure of considerable time and money, was the beautiful, young Baroness. Noted for her skills as an equestrienne, it seems she has long sought a private facility for training and breeding. Knowledgeable breeders ponder the effect of tropical heat and thus the usefulness of the island as a facility for horses.
  Eccentricity is the privilege of wealth.
  International Construction (a trade journal) June 1924 “Baron Esterhoven Proceeds with Construction”
  Baron Esterhoven has engaged a sizable construction crew and provided them with their own ship to facilitate conversion of his recently acquired island into a habitable utopia.
  The SS Bohemia, leased by the Baron for one year, recently sailed from Savannah, Georgia after taking on earth moving equipment, building material, and a diverse crew of engineers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians.
  Plans for the island are secretive, but dock workers report that the equipment and materials are considerable and could be used to build a city.
  Time, October 15, 1925 “A New Nation?”
  Stories are circulating in eastern Africa that the Baroness Esterhoven, said to be Europe’s most beautiful socialite, has been offering to hire and relocate members of a small African tribe to her island paradise.
  Many Baganda tribe members, noted for their unusual decorative bodies, were seen boarding the Esterhoven yacht in Mombasa. Mostly young women with a few men, it is rumored that their destination is the small island purchased and recently made habitable at the cost of many dollars by the Baron Esterhoven.
  As reported in many society publications, the Baron Esterhoven is effectively a King, having acquired the small island in such a manner as to assure its sovereignty as an independent state. So, a King needs subjects, and the impoverished members of the tribe have apparently been personally interviewed by the Baroness for employment and relocation.
  Long known for her riding skills, the Baroness, some thirty years younger than the Baron, has applied much energy in completing the unusual project, said to be a vacation home with stables and training facilities.
  No one is on record as having seen the island after the two-year renovation. Located some twenty miles from Aruba, all construction workers apparently had lucrative contracts which included secrecy and non-disclosure clauses, thus society circles are abuzz with rumor and innuendo. And with the proclivities of the young Baroness the subject of much past gossip, it is no wonder that the reclusive world of the fabulously wealthy is ‘champing at the bit’ for a glimpse of the world’s newest country.
  New York Times, May 23, 1936 “The Most Exclusive Voyage”
  With the economy still reeling, socialite Baroness Esterhoven, widow of the immensely wealthy Baron Esterhoven, has chosen New York as the port of embarkation for her annual soiree to the Caribbean. The Esterhoven yacht, dwarfing many cruise ships, stands ready to sail from the 42nd Street pier.
  Is it a newly found duty of the rich to bolster the country’s staggering level of employment? In a curious instance of noblesse oblige, help wanted advertisements have been attributed to the Baroness and her planned voyage. The ads seek ‘healthy young males’ for what is described as ‘well paid manual labor’ with ‘no skills required’. There is certainly no end to such a pool of labor.
  Interviews for an undeterminable number of jobs were said to include a rather extensive medical examination, which the Baroness personally supervised with nurses and the noted urologist, Dr. Emily Reinhold.
  Bon Voyage to those fortunate few who met the criteria.
  New York Times, February 5, 1937 “Missing Persons Investigation Stymied”
  A Federal judge effectively terminated today an investigation into the disappearance of several young men. New York police had requested a broad search warrant, which the judge declined to issue citing sovereignty issues, and the right to question Baroness Esterhoven on her exclusive Caribbean island, which the judge declined to issue without comment.
  Allegations that four young males embarked on a ship to the island last spring, never to be seen again, have been pressed by distant relatives. Authorities could find no witnesses to their departure from New York and attorneys for the Baroness have denied that the four young men were among those making the journey.
  The Baroness declined to comment, referring reporters to her legal counsel.
  “Last spring the Baroness did indeed hire many men to engage in manual labor on her island. The four men in question were not among them. For the New York Police Department to attempt to expand their investigatory powers to a foreign country is a violation of international law,” argued Margaret Dowd, the eminent attorney for the Baroness.
  Time, June 23, 1970 “A New Queen”
  The Esterhoven dynasty continues with the birth of a daughter to Sir Reginald(grandson of the Baron and his wife) and Lady Jane Esterhoven. The arrival of the daughter, Constance, was celebrated with the announcement that the secluded family island near Aruba would be renamed in the daughter’s honor.
  But it’s not just an island. It’s actually a small country, which by Sir Reginald’s decree will henceforth be called ‘Constancia’. By his action, there is no doubt that Sir Reginald is anointing his new born as its future Queen and ruler.
  The resources of the Esterhoven family, substantially reinvigorated by Sir Reginald, are reportedly vast, with the peculiar island nation as the only remaining symbol of the old-world wealth. Sir Reginald capably realigned all other family holdings into a new-world investment power, with controlling interests in several fast growing industries including energy, drugs and electronics.
  So the new Queen will have no shortage of monetary resources.

Constancia Island, A Femdom Novel Description

Constancia Island, an exclusive Caribbean paradise is a sovereign country designed exclusively for the institution of Female Domination and male submission... where troubled young males, at one time destined for lives of crime, are treated as beasts of burden, ponyboys, not only for the amusement of the island's defacto queen, Lady Constance, but as the island's sole method of conveyance for visitors and residents alike. Lady Constance is assisted in her endeavors by welltrained female descendants of a curious African tribe whose disdain for the male gender becomes the basis for the female hierarchy on the island. Everything at the island has been built and acquired to keep the male beast wellexercised, chaste and servile. Majordomo to Lady Constance, Jasmine, properly trains the submissives, and assists Dr. Reinhold in the ultimate medical modification of the male to keep them subservient, randy and eager to serve their Mistress in any way she desires....

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Author: Chris Bellows

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