Novel Name : My Hot Stepfather

Chapter 2

I took more than an hour to get dressed in my school uniform. I was late but I was so nervous to face Dave now, especially since he was driving me to school. He had gotten me a car with a driver because he didn’t let me drive or take driving lessons. He said he was afraid that I might get in an accident. He was protective, I admit that.
However, any normal father would let his daughter drive especially, since I was 18 years old and not a kid. All my school friends had their own cars and my school wasn’t so far. It only takes five minutes to reach.
But I didn’t think that he was possessive that much. I didn’t recognize that until everything started to bloom suddenly. It was as if I had pressed a button when I touched his body by accident.
Finally, I finished and weirdly he didn’t come up to my room to rush me. I hesitantly grabbed my backpack and walked down the stairs. I was hoping that he might have gone to his company or to one of his meetings because I didn’t know how I could face him. We didn’t do anything but I still felt that I was different and my cheeks were red and hot.
I lowered my gaze but still searched for him. I sighed in relief when I didn’t see him anywhere but only to be startled when I felt his hand on my back. “So, why did you take so long?” he asked and I almost skipped a few beats of my heart.
I turned my body slowly and blinked shyly, “I was taking a shower.” Fuck! What the hell did I just say to him? I finished the shower an hour ago and he handed me the towel.
For fuck sake, this was an awkward situation.
He narrowed his eyes and chuckled awkwardly, as if trying to figure out what was happening to me. I guess he didn’t feel what I felt and that’s why he didn’t look so different. He was still treating me in the same way as his daughter!
Of course he treated me normally! He loves my mom and besides, he was really my father.
I covered my face from embarrassment, trying to cover my red cheeks. “Let’s just go. I’m late.” I diverted the subject.
He nodded and said, “Okay, let’s go.”
He didn’t say anything. He just strode to the car and I hopped in the passenger seat next to him. I rolled the window down, quietly staring at the street because I wanted to avoid his eyes.
Once we arrived, I hopped out of the car and waved at him but one of my classmates stopped me, “Oh, vanilla.” And out of blue, he kissed my cheek.
I widened my eyes at him. Jack was somehow the jock and the heartthrob of the school. He had asked me before to be his girlfriend but I didn’t give him an answer yet. I just ignored him, not because he was intending to take my virginity. I never thought of that because I was sure he wanted my virginity and to taste my sexy body. But I really didn’t like the guy. So to appear out of nowhere and kiss my cheek, that wasn’t something usual and we weren’t that close actually.
But something weird happened. I glanced back to only notice that Dave didn’t drive away. He was still in the car and shouted my name, “Vanilla. Get in the car now!!”
It was the first time that he yelled at me and commanded me sternly in that way.
I didn’t know what to do except fake a smile to Jack and get into the car.
Once I closed the door of the car, he drove very fast as if racing with other cars. “What’s going on? Are you intending to kill us today?” I said to him and he halted the car in the middle of the street.
He didn’t say anything but he seemed to be very angry. He rubbed his face with his hands. I dared to ask him, “What happened? Have I done something wrong dad?”
Yeah, I was calling him dad or Dave but most of the time it was dad.
He yelled at me, “Don't CALL ME DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!”
I blinked “What was that?” Seriously, could it be because Jack kissed me?!
He shot me a deadly glance then leaned forward and said, “Who was that guy? And don’t lie to me. Is he your new boyfriend? Did you give him your body?”
We have never spoken about this kind of stuff before because I never mentioned that I had a boyfriend. However, he was always asking me to keep myself for the one who deserves to be with me. He was my best friend, so he was sure that if I met a guy, he would be the first one to know. I always used to take his advice on different subjects in my life.
I made an ‘o’ shape with my mouth. “Nooo, of course not.”
He blew out a deep breath. “Are you still a virgin?” he emphasized the virgin word.
I rolled my eyes at him. “Why do you ask?” I didn’t mean to tease him.
He slammed the steering wheel with both hands and clenched his teeth. “Just answer my damn question! Are you still a virgin?” he gazed at me angrily.
I gulped and nodded, “Yes, sure.” I said confidently but I was trying to process why he was asking me and why he was so angry and annoyed. He didn’t yell at me ever. He used to let me have my private life. It was so strange that he interfered this time. Or maybe he used to interfere but I didn’t notice that?!
He sighed in relief, started up the car again and turned to my school. He stopped by the gate. “Get out and don’t be late and don’t let anyone kiss you or touch you ever again. And if I ever found that you lost your virginity with any guy, then you will never see me ever again.” He said firmly without even taking a glimpse at me.
“Dad!” I exclaimed in a loud voice.
He gritted his teeth and huffed, “Don’t say dad again.”
I frowned and opened the door to get out. I only felt his strong grip on my arm. I thought that he would apologize for his bad attitude but I was only dreaming.
I turned my head to glance at him over my shoulder. He raised an eyebrow. “From now on, I will drive you to school and back home. So no more drivers. I will be waiting for you at 3 pm. Don’t be late,” he said sternly.
“Dad, I’m not a kid!” I huffed annoyingly.
He furrowed his brows. “Exactly! Now go ahead and remember what I have told you. If you lost your virginity to any guy, you would never see me.” He repeated what he said to me as if he wanted me to think about why he was telling me those words.
I nodded politely and waved to him, then I hastened to my classes, which I was already late for. So, I stopped by the track to see the practice of the football team. Yes, Jack was there playing with the school team. He was kind of a small version of Dave, I admitted it but in an irresponsible way. He was superficial, a dumbass and very stupid with low grades. However, he was handsome, attractive, rich and was a football player.
Innocently, I waved to Jack only to say sorry about what happened a few minutes ago. He ran towards me. “Was that your boyfriend?! That’s why you rejected me. A handsome and wealthy rich guy driving a Porsche and wearing a very expensive suit! I’m impressed, but that means I will cling to you more and stick with you.” He winked at me and ran back to his team.
Wow! He thought that Dave was my boyfriend?! And he said he will cling to me more! The rumors and gossip will start tomorrow.
I checked my cell phone to only find a text message from Dave saying Behave, I’m watching you! What the fuck was going on?
I wanted to tease him, so I decided to use Jack the dumbass to do it.

I texted Jack on his cellphone: I will be waiting for you after school to drive me home. Let’s make the game begin with both of them.

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