Novel Name : My Hot Stepfather

Chapter 3

I finished my school day and I almost forgot about Jack. I finished and lazily walked out of the gate and was stopped by Jack who pulled me to his chest. “Where were you? I have been waiting for you for ten minutes in my car!” Jack narrowed his eyes when he felt that I forgot about him.
I scrunch my nose shyly and coughed “Um, I thought you wouldn’t drive me home because you didn’t text me back.” Okay, I lied and somehow he felt that but he ignored it.
He nodded and placed his hands on my shoulders. “Anyway, let’s go baby.” He opened the passenger side door for me and then ran to the other side to take over the wheel.
I searched for Dave and yes, he was actually there shooting me a death glare with widened eyes. Suddenly, I heard a screech of his car passing me and Jack as if he didn’t care to know where I was going.
I just let it go and concentrated on Jack. “So, you really waited for me for ten minutes?” I bit my lips seductively.
He gulped nervously maybe because he had never seen me acting seductively and nicely to him before. Plus, I was sitting very close to him in his car, so that was kind of an improvement in our relationship.
Which wasn’t even close to being a relationship. But anyways, I was deeply in need of someone in my life. Being without a lover until I reached eighteen years old was something bad actually. I didn’t feel lonely because Dave was always with me anywhere and everywhere.
As such, I was afraid that I might fall for him and that wasn’t something acceptable. He was my dad and I just needed to come back to my senses. I was a teenager and that’s normal. I just need a guy to kiss me and care about me, to touch my body. To make me wet and reach my orgasm even, if it was phone sex.
Yeah! Obviously, I have no other option. Dave said sternly and clearly to me that he will get out of my life if I lost my virginity to any guy. Which sounded weird because sooner or later, I will give my virginity to a man! I just couldn’t process what he really meant by that, so I just let it go for now.
But deep inside me, there was something pushing me to discover what’s hidden in Dave’s head and heart. Something was stressing on me to tease him by being in a relationship and who could be better and fit for that position more than the jock and the popular handsome footballer?! Of course no one.
So, I will just use him for a few days and who knows, maybe I will fall for that idiot!.
Jack asked me the way to my house and I instructed him. Finally, we stopped by my house. “Here, this is my house.” I gestured for him to stop.
He leaned a bit to take a look through my window which made him so close to my body and my face. “Wow! This is a beautiful house. You are so fucking rich babe.” He said, impressed in a stunned tone.
I chuckled. “Yeah, sort of. My parents are rich.” I shrugged my shoulders. I realized that I hated his scent and I couldn’t tell why. But when my eyes met Dave’s eyes at the door of our house, I leaned closer to Jack and whispered in his ear, “Thanks for the ride babe.”
Jack cleared his throat and pulled his head away slowly to only glare deeply into my eyes. “Who the hell are you? Why do you have such an effect on me?!” Jack wondered.
I placed a soft kiss on his cheek. “See you later babe.” I winked at him then I opened the car door to only be pulled back again. Jack placed a soft kiss on my palm. “Could you give me the honor to drive you every day?”
I don’t know what I was thinking when I said yes.
I raised my head to glance at the door again to see Dave watching us like an owl and I said confidently, “Yes, sure. See you tomorrow morning.”
I got out of the car and wandered slowly to the door. I didn’t want to appear in front of Dave because I couldn’t say that I liked to make him angry. But it wasn’t me at all. Since that morning when I felt strange feelings towards Dave, I couldn’t stop myself. Something else was controlling my head, my body and my attitude and I could tell that about Dave as well.
Once I closed the door behind me, Dave shouted loudly making me stiffen a bit from the hard shock “Where the fuck were you?! I told you that I would drive you back home.”
I stuttered and fiddled nervously with my fingers “I_ my friend asked me to…”
But my mom interrupted us. “A friend? You mean a boyfriend? Oh that’s great sweetheart, I’m so happy for you.” My mom chuckled brightly and trailed off while she was taking off her coat. “Tell me more about him.”
I shrugged my shoulders and kissed her cheek. “He is the jock of the school and a football player like dad.” I smirked teasingly to Dave.
Dave slammed his wine glass onto the table and frowned. “I was the quarterback, not just a football player. Don’t dare to compare anyone to me,” he said with a serious tone.
My mom stared at him and switched her eyes back to me. “What’s going on between the two of you? Dave, I have never heard you yelling at Vanilla this way before? You always spoiled her.”
Dave raised his brows. “Because I don’t want her to be a stupid cheap girl. I don’t want guys to take advantage of her body and then throw her away like trash. I want her to be a decent girl.” Dave said loudly and gulped another glass of wine until the last drop and I was only caught up with Adam's apple, sexy body and wide shoulders. I was totally distracted.
My mom nodded and stepped closer to Dave, cupping his cheeks. “Don’t worry, your daughter is not that stupid.” And by that, he threw me the most competitive look ever then he pulled my mother’s lips into a too long, rough and passionate kiss as if he was eating her lips.
He pulled back his head and my mother was thunderstruck. “What was that?” My mom smiled lightly in curiosity.
Dave licked the corner of his lips and hoarsely said: “that means I missed you and I want to fuck you now.” My heartbeats almost stopped suddenly from the words.
I couldn’t believe that he did that in front of me and why did I feel so jealous and angry?! He was my stepfather and married to my mother. So obviously, they had the right to fuck each other.
Something different was happening to me at that moment and I couldn’t take my eyes off him and the way he was touching my mom’s ass. He carried her up by his arms, showing his muscular arms and wide shoulders. He glanced back at me with a wide smirk and hurried upstairs but not to their own bedroom. He took my mother to the third floor. Which means, none of the helpers were allowed to go there. He won’t close the door because that floor only has one wing with one door.

I climbed the stairs slowly on my tiptoes like a thief and my heart led me to the third floor. I didn’t think twice; I didn’t hesitate. I just wanted to see everything.

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