Novel Name : My Hot Stepfather

Chapter 4

I waited for two minutes until I heard Dave command my mom sternly, “Take off your clothes now.” I have never heard him talk in that way.
I thought maybe they might get used to that in bed.
I came closer to the door which was left open as I had expected. I didn’t know why he did that.
Maybe because he was so sure that no one would come up to this floor.
Or maybe because he was so horny that he forgot to close the door.
Or maybe he wanted me to watch them! Fuck! But if so, then why?!
I tried to stick my head to the door and hide my body. Thank God I got the full view because they were giving me their backs.
I bent down to the floor; it was a funny position. I was curious about them. Suddenly my mom was totally naked, standing in front of Dave who turned her around while touching her body with his fingers. He pinched her nipples too many times and that made my mom scream painfully. I almost wanted to scream from the shock.
The smirk and dirty look on his face turned me on somehow. But I was still feeling angry because he was going to fuck my mom! Didn’t have any idea why! Or maybe I was just trying to deny the fact that I wanted him for myself, which was fucking impossible. Maybe in another life, I might snatch that man for myself before my mom.
I was saying crap in my mind, trying to overcome them. I wanted to go but my feet didn’t help me to stand up.
Maybe I wanted to see his dick or maybe I wanted to see how he fucked.
He unzipped his pants and slapped my mother’s ass cheeks. “On your knees bitch! Now.” He commanded my mother firmly and she obeyed like a dog! She bent down on her knees and positioned her head in between his legs.
He squeezed her cheeks with his hands roughly. “You know what you should do. Make it hard now,” he grunted.
And my mom pulled Dave’s dick out of his pants. I didn’t get the full view actually because my mom pushed his dick in her mouth.
She started to suck and lick like a slutty bitch; she looked so experienced and professional on that stuff actually. I was so shocked and impressed.
He pushed my mom’s head to swallow all of his dick then pulled her hair and stepped back to give me the whole view of his fucking huge dick! I have never ever seen a dick like that before in porn movies! What was that? A monster dick? Was he even a human?! That must exceed ten inches!
I suppressed a moan. I almost drooled over that dick and wanted to crawl to him instantly and taste it. I wonder how my mom swallowed all that size deep in her throat!
He gestured to her to stand up. “Get up. On your stomach on the bed and arch up your ass. I’m gonna fuck you hard babe.” He licked his lips seductively and my mom smiled and nodded quietly. She wasn’t actually talking at all. Just moaning or screaming. I wondered if she was the mute kind in bed or if he was the one who asked her to not talk in bed?!
Seriously, curiosity killed me to know everything that was happening between them.
In just seconds, Dave was naked, giving me the most appreciated scene ever that I will never forget in my life. His back and his ass were all muscles with no fats. Just perfectly hot. And there was something else hot, in between my legs actually. My pussy was wet and I almost felt fluid dripping from my panties.
As if I was in a daze, I was turned on by him and the way he was treating her aggressively while she was submitting to him quietly. At the same time, I was mad and wished that he was fucking me not her.
He spat his saliva in her ass and I guessed that it was for her ass hole because for sure he won’t use that saliva for her pussy. I was sure that she was wet. How couldn’t she?! I was watching them and I felt so wet and horny and badly in need of a dick to fuck me, even though I was still a virgin!
His influence over my body was strangely strong and my eyes couldn’t leave his dick or his body for a second. His strong, deep voice insulting her like a whore turned me on. I almost reached my orgasm twice and he didn’t even dig her hole with his dick yet!
He pushed his two fingers deeper and rougher inside her. She moaned and pleaded, “Please fuck me. Please,” she said seductively. I couldn’t see her lips and her body was okay but it couldn’t be compared to mine, especially her small butt. She had a French body but I got French with curves and I was so confident about my perfectly rounded big ass.
He pulled out his fingers and then thrusted her ass hole all at once. She gasped breathlessly “Oh my god, oh my god. Please slow down,” she said to him and with that, he started to fuck her harder and deeper, making her screams echo in all the house.
I widened my eyes at how he leaned down to dig more in a circular motion and pinched her nipples with one of his hands roughly to only make her scream more. He shoved two fingers on his other hand inside her pussy to make her moan harder, “Ohhhhhhh, dadddddddddddddddy.”
Fuck! What! Daddy?! Is he into BDSM stuff! Fuck this is too scary.
I was sweating heavily and shivering when I imagined him slapping her or whacking her. I imagined myself in her place.
“Bitch, do you like it? Do you love my dick?” he asked her while slamming her ass cheeks harder and roughly. He was fucking her as if he was riding a horse perfectly, knowing how to control every inch of her body.
“Yes daddy. Please fuck me harder.” My mom moaned and he fucked her more. He pulled out his dick to flip her on her back, raised her legs to his shoulder and shoved his monster dick inside her pussy. He was fucking her hard like a monster. He was acting like a monster. He was commanding like a monster. I wanted that monster for myself.
I couldn’t help myself anymore. I pushed my pants down and used my hands to touch my wet pussy, playing with my fingers carefully and moaning in a whispered tone. I almost lost myself under his grunts and his commands to my mother.
He pulled himself out of her pussy and dragged her down to the floor. He stood facing me but I thought that he didn’t see me for a second. But when his eyes met mine and he drew that smirk, I knew that he was sure I was watching them from the beginning.
He got me off the guard, I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t move. I just stared at him. He pushed his dick into my mom's mouth and she almost choked. “Swallow all my cum now bitch.” He commanded her and licked the corner or his mouth with his tongue, while staring at me without even blinking or making a move. He released himself while saying those words. I was sure he was saying that to me and not to my mom, “THIS IS FOR YOU SWEETHEART.” He grunted loudly, cumming inside her mouth and she swallowed it all.
He then pulled her to the bed but kept his eyes on me. He stepped closer but not much and just enough to give me all I wanted to see: his iron, huge dick. He playfully touched the tip of his dick and grinned demonically, mouthing, “This was for you sweetheart.” He then winked at me.
I dragged my feet in a hurry and ran like crazy downstairs and locked myself in my room, barely breathing. Feeling my heart drumming in my chest, sweating and shivering down to my spine. I was in a daze and felt as if I was in a maze, struggling to understand anything or to keep my brain awake. As if I was the one who had been fucked.

I felt exhausted and sore. I slammed my body to the bed and that night I fell asleep naked. I wanted to feel that feeling and I wanted to dream of him.

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