Novel Name : My Hot Stepfather

Chapter 5

To wake up wet and smell like a cow, shit! Fuck! Oh yeah, I smell.
Because I had a nightmare that was so obvious. It wasn’t a real nightmare but for me, it was like that. I fucking dreamed of my dad fucking my ass!
Fuck! Yeah, Dave is my stepfather legally so he was still my dad. He raised me since I was eight years old and for ten years I was fucking calling him dad or father.
What happened to my fucking sanity? I had no idea. Since I turned into a blooming teenager and became hot with big boobs, everything inside my head and inside my body changed.
I should have stopped my imagination and daydreaming.
But what the fuck did he say last night? Fuck! He fucked my mom like a dom! He knew that I was peeking at both of them. He knew that I followed them upstairs.
Maybe he was the one who dragged me subconsciously to their room. Yeah, he must have thrown some spell or maybe he had powerful magic hidden and we didn’t know about that supernatural power.
Fuck! I’m in a big mess and going insane. I needed to see a physiatrist. Yes, I needed that.
Or maybe I just needed a boyfriend and dick to fuck me?!
I guess I should try both. It’s just illusions. Dave for sure didn’t say anything to me last night. He was just talking to my mom, that's all.
Oh, I’m so envious. She got a man with the full package, handsome and rich and with a fucking huge dick.
I snapped at myself to wake up and stop thinking. I rolled in my bed then I stood up, snorting angrily because I was late again and I just remembered that Jack will drive me to school.
And yes, I got his text message. Babe, I’m waiting downstairs.
I stretched my arms and yawned, hardily dragging my feet to the bathroom, then suddenly I widened my eyes when I realized that Jack said he was waiting for me downstairs. I screamed and hopped inside the bathtub to take a very fucking fast shower. The water was so cold and I screamed.
I dried my body with the towel in a rush and jumped into my school clothes then rushed down the stairs like crazy.
Until I bumped into a hard chest. I raised my head up and smiled awkwardly at Dave who was sneering and clenching his teeth angrily. “Good morning dad.”
Dave made a toothy, yellow smile. “Good morning daughter,” he said, teasing me.
I coughed and turned to Jack who was waiting and talking with my mom. “Jack, sorry for making you wait for too long. Let’s go.” I pulled his arm and dragged him out of the house in a hurry after I placed a soft kiss on my mother’s cheeks.
Jack stopped me. “Wait a minute.”
I gulped and stared at him nervously. “What is it? Something wrong with my hair?” I checked myself quickly.
He shook his head and smiled then leaned to my cheeks and kissed me softly and slowly, making my face bloody red from embarrassment. “Babe, you look adorable. I just…” Jack paused and then trailed off “I was freaking out yesterday when I thought that you had a boyfriend! But when I discovered that he was your dad it was a relief. So…” Jack bit the corner of his mouth, glaring at me.
I glanced at Dave only to see a dangerous facial expression that made me want to run away fast.
I wanted to end this situation and all of sudden, I blurted out, “Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend Jack.”
Fuck! What the hell did I just say?! Dave will kill me now.
No, he won’t. He is not my boyfriend. He is just my father.
Oh yes, even so,, he said clearly that I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend.
No, he said that I’m not allowed to lose my virginity.
Oh yes, that's nice. Then I can at least kiss my boyfriend.
My mom clapped cheerfully. “Oh that’s great. I do agree. I like Jack already. Take care of my daughter,” my mom said.
Jack wrapped his arms around my shoulders and replied to my mom confidently, “Sure mom. I will take care of Vanilla.”
I blinked and lowered my gaze to the floor. Dave didn’t say anything yet and I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me at that moment.
Dave scoffed. “Are you calling my wife mom? She’s not your mother-in-law and I didn’t agree yet.”
Jack trembled. “Mr. Dave, I assure you that I will take care of Vanilla. I do love her.”
Fuck! Jack was going to be killed! Dad will never accept that.
Dave stomped towards Jack and shot him with death glare. “Touch my girl and I will fucking kill you! Got that?!” He threatened him without even blinking. He was too serious and I was fucking sure that he took Jack off the guard. I was too scared. I have never seen Dave with so much anger.
He has never treated anyone rudely like this, never yelled and never threatened anyone. At least not in front of me. He knew that I got scared quickly from the loud voice.
Mom interrupted. “Dave, please calm down. What’s wrong with you today? She is not a child anymore. She needs a boyfriend and she will have to move out of the house eventually.” My mom was innocently explaining to Dave the real fact that didn’t even come into my mind.
I could live without my mother in my life. But Dave?! No way. He was like my soulmate. I couldn’t imagine myself being away from him even for a day.
Yes, that’s the freaking truth.
Dave widened his eyes to my mother. “What the hell did you say? Moving out? Are you encouraging her to lose her virginity for the first guy who comes into her life?! I didn’t take care of her and raise her to be a whore! Stop that now.”
My mother zipped her mouth. She felt that she did something wrong. Yes, she was saying the right things that will happen later but she did that in front of a strange guy and that was kind of a mistake, according to me as well. She looked like a cheap girl.
I stepped closer to Dave and placed my hand on his chest. “Dad, I will never do something wrong. Could you please trust me? Besides, Jack is a good guy and he is a popular football player. He is kind like you. And that’s what I like about him.” I tried to calm Dave but obviously that made him boil more.
He raised an eyebrow. “Don’t you dare compare me with anyone. And I do trust you. Now let’s go, I will drive you to school,” Dave said and stepped to the door but Jack and I stood still, shocked.
I stuttered “D_Dad, I will go with Jack. He is here to drive me. And besides, I think I need a driving lesson to depend on myself. I think Jack could help me with that.”
Dave froze by the door then slammed the door and left without glancing back at us.
I pouted my lips and stared at my mom. “Mom? What’s going on? Dad looks so angry and naggy today,” I said in frustration.
Mom shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know. Anyway, let Jack give you driving lessons and I will discuss that matter with your father later. I will ask him to give you a nice car.”
My mom smiled and I almost skipped a few heartbeats from happiness. “Really? A car for me?”
I looked back at Jack and dragged him out of the house. “You have to help me now with driving babe or I will break up with you.” I stuck my tongue out of my mouth, teasing jack.
Jack opened the passenger door of his car for me politely and chuckled, “I’m not gonna lose you, trust me. I will stick my ass to you like your shadow.”
He then hopped into the car and started up. “Your father hates me I guess,” he mentioned.
I played with my lips thinking of his words. “I don’t think that he really hates you. He is just jealous. He can’t imagine that I have grown up.” I explained to myself more than I explained to Jack actually.
I guess that was it; Dave will never imagine me in bed like I do. He only sees me as his precious daughter like any normal father would like to keep his sweetheart with him forever.
I nodded, “Yes, sure he just wants to protect me from hot guys like you.”
Jack leaned closer and said huskily, “Oh I see, then you do think that I’m hot.”
I nodded shyly. “Yes, I guess so. But not hotter than my dad.” I teased him but that was the truth. My dad was just like a Greek god of beauty.
Jack nodded “I have to agree with that. You dad is so fucking hot. He could turn the straight guy into a gay for him.”
I choked on his words, “Really? Then I should keep my eyes on you.”
Once we reached the school park, all eyes turned to us. Jack linked his arms to mine. I was looking at him impressed but I was sure that he wouldn’t dare to touch a strand of my hair now. He will keep his hands clean away from me after what my dad said to him. Dave would kill Jack if he did something bad to me.

Classmates, popular girls and guys were eyeballing us in curiosity. I pulled Jack in the middle of the school and raised his hands up, “Yes, he is my boyfriend now.” It felt so amazing to have a boyfriend.

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